The ACCTA Awards Return in Glory Flames at the Sydney Opera House

Entertainment Industry Night Night, Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (Academy of Cinema and Television ArtsAACTAThe award will return to the Sydney Opera House this year, with many expectations about which TV shows, movies and actors will bring back the top nods.

This year was a challenging year for people working in front of and behind the camera.

AACTA President Russell Crowe busy shooting this year poker face And the Vietnam War movie The best beer run ever In Thailand, on December 4, “it was definitely a tough time for our industry and the world as a whole.”

“The 2021 AACTA provides us with the opportunity to meet and recognize the people who have worked hard for people when they need them most and have created such high quality entertainment,” said Wednesday. Actors and directors say night before the show’s live broadcast.

Last year’s ACCTA Awards Night (formerly the AFI Awards, which began in 1958) came at the end of a turbulent year for the industry, celebrating primarily movies and television series produced before COVID-19.

This year, with nine movies and 65 television shows available (plus a total of 97 award-winning short-form content), the red carpet will return to the opera house with celebrity A-list casts from home and abroad. ..

Damian Trewhella, CEO of AACTA, said this year was a difficult year for the industry.

“We are honored to be able to bring together some of Australia’s most talented and creative practitioners and host an event that recognizes the people who have entertained us over the past year. What you can do with a typical Sydney Opera House is cake icing. “

Stuart Ayers, Minister of Tourism, New South Wales, added: “I’m happy to have a red carpet in Sydney.”

The film David Garpirir Rigimiralil Dalightung AM, projected on the sails of Eastern Benelong at the Sydney Opera House, receives the Long For Dryel Award for its contribution to the film industry. Photo: Getty

Alongside Crowe, multiple award-winning director Baz Luhrmann has been nominated for the AACTA Award and Emmy. Inheritance Star Sarah Snook and comedian Rebel Wilson will be awarded the award.

Joining them on stage is Sam Neill (Rams), Rachel Griffiths (Total control), Jack Thompson (High ground), Malta Dusseldolp (Wentworth), Brothers Stephen and Bernard Curry, Phoebe Tonkin (bloom), New Zealand director Taika Waititi (Jojo Rabbit, Thor) And the creator News reader, Michael Lucas.

Celebrating those who have lost their lives in the entertainment industry over the past year has always been an important moment on any award night. In ACCTA, singer Steve Kilbay plays a solo acoustic version of the church’s classics. Under the heavenly river In the memorial section of the broadcast.

Selected as one of the most Australian songs in history by Triple M’s Ozesuto 100, And heard in the movie, dry, Kilbey has only performed this unique and memorable version of the 1988 hit a few times.

At the premiere of Eric Bana and his wife Rebecca dry In 2020. Photo: AAP

Who is running for the coveted award?

Night ram Featuring Anthony LaPaglia, dry Starring Eric Bana, and Penguins Bloom Naomi Watts is one of the coveted award-winning films.

News reader – A six-part ABC drama about the TV newsroom of the 1980s – is a 10-award-winning and best-of-breed drama currently starring Emma Freeman, actors Anna Torv, Samreed, William McKinness, and Stephen Peacocke. There are the most nominations of the year, including the series. Among the things that deserve praise.

Fascinating final season Wentworth, Mr. Inbitouin, When Jack Irish It is accepted this year as well.

The work of veteran actor Noni Hazulhurst on television and in movies has been nominated and recognized for the Best Actress Award in bittersweet films, June again, And the fascinating Foxtel Euthanasia Miniseries Best Supporting Actress Award the end..

Some of TV’s Largest Entertainment Jaguar Notes and Reality Formats – block, Master Chef Australia, voice When Lego Masters – Will compete for the prize with Brock’s new kid, Luxe Listings Sydney And return favorites A real housewife in Melbourne.

Taika Waititi will announce the best drama series of the 2020 AACTA Awards at the Star on November 30th. Photo: Getty

Another big year of laughter on TV sees newcomers Prepper, Fisk, Moth effect When Anti Donna’s Big Ol House of Fans Join a longtime favorite Rose Haven, Hard quiz When Weekly In the comedy category.

The acclaimed set of Hannah Gadsby, Tom Gleeson and Celia Pacquola has arrived in the new Best Standup category, the Best Comedian Performer category has expanded to eight candidates, and Nacchialui, Sarah Kendall and Kitty Flanagan are hilarious. Appears in the manga.

On December 5th, the Academy announced that it was selected as one of the top five in the 2021 Audience Choice Awards. This award is the second year that viewers have the opportunity to vote for last year’s favorite actors, movies and TV shows.

According to ACCTA, online polls have identified five candidates in seven categories, including favorite actors (both male and female), favorite movies, and favorite TV dramas.

Winners will be announced on Wednesday in addition to the peer voting awards.

Candidates for favorite actors include Eric Bana, Asher Keddie, Deborah Mailman, Celia Pacquola and Pamela Rabe. Favorite TV drama: Clickbait (Netflix) and Home & Away (Seven Network), and my favorite movie: Tanned Christmas, dry, Mortal Kombat, Penguins Bloom When Peter Rabbit 2.

Read the complete list of candidates and categories here:

Also, an event that will surely be a great entertainment night at the Sydney Opera House includes Lime Cordial and Baker Boy musical performances.

Lime Cordial’s latest single, Apple crumbleWill perform in the world’s first exclusive ceremony in collaboration with popular pop-rock band and actor Idris Elba.

At the ceremony, rapper, dancer, artist and actor Danzal Baker (also known as Baker Boy) will also appear, and their debut album will be. Gela I’m out now.

The 2021 AACTA Awards, announced at the Foxtel Group ceremony, will air on Channel 10 at 7:30 pm on December 8th, followed by FOXARENA on FOXTEL, BINGE and AACTA TV.

The ACCTA Awards Return in Glory Flames at the Sydney Opera House

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