The 3 Best Batsmen in TestCricket Right Now

Test cricket may not be as popular with a larger section of its audience as it used to be, thanks to the busy lives we all lead these days. Nonetheless, anyone who truly understands the game of cricket will agree that test matchestruly put a cricketer’s patience and stamina through the gauntlet. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top fivebatsmen today, who have gone through those trials and come out on top, as of early 2022.

Marnus Labuschagne: Right-Handed Australian Batsman and Leg Spinner

Although Marnus Labuschagne is an all-rounder (leg-spinner/batsman), it’s his spectacular batting form in test cricket that really counts. Not only is Labuschagne the number one batsman in test cricket right now with 924 points, but he was already the ICC Test Batsman of the Year in 2021 with 912 points. Ever since his debut in 2018, the graph of his performance in tests has only gone up from being ranked 4th in 2019 (805 pts) and3rd in 2020 (827 pts), to becoming the best batsman in test cricket in 2021 (915 pts). With an amazing batting average of 56.92 from 23 tests, greater things are yet to be seen from this Queenslander.

Joe Root (English Skipper): Right-Handed English Batsman andOff Spinner

Joe Root is one of the best batsmen in the world, irrespective of the format. After a decade of playing test cricket, the English skipper has displayed his graceful batting skills to save and win tests for his country several times. In fact, Joe Root at one pointwas beating Marnus Labuschagne and was almost on his way to becoming the best test batsman of 2021. He was ahead until Septemberwith 916 points to his name in 2021. As of early 2022, Root occupies the second position behind Marnus Labuschagne, with 881 points on the ICC rankings table.

Kane Williamson (New Zealand Skipper): Right-Handed Kiwi Batsman and Off Spinner

Kane Williamson first topped the ICC Test Rankings in 2015 and even became the ICC Top Test Batsman that year with 889 points. From then on, Williamson has consistently maintained his second position on the ICC rankings for five years in a row (2016-2020). With 919 points, the Kiwi skipper was even leading the chart for a while until February 2021. Kane Williamson has already had a long and illustrious career, but at just 31 he still has a lot to add to his already impressive tally of 24 centuries from 86 tests at an average of 53.47.

Steve Smith (AustralianVice-Captain): Right-Handed Australian Batsman and Leg Spinner

Despite Steve Smith being out of the top three (rank 4 with 845 pts)at this time, it would be unfair to end this list without even mentioning the Australian vice-captain. Smith has a batting average of 59.87 in test, which in itself is quite astounding for a man who has played over 82 test matches.In 2017, He managed to score 947 points, which remains unbroken as the second highest rating ever by a batsman in test cricket, second only to the GOAT, Sir Donald Bradman. Also, Steve Smith has topped the chart six times in total, in between 2015 and2020.

Who Will Top the Charts in 2022?

There is no way to tell for sure, but Steve Smith may catch up later on. Virat Kohli has not been on the best form for a couple of years, but he is certainly capable of pulling it off. Nevertheless, Kane Williamson, Joe Root, and Marnus Labuschagne are still the three most favouritesto bet on in favour of them being among the top three at the end of 2022.Speaking of betting, check if you are in the mood to play a few rounds of cricket slots with a gratuitousnumber of welcome bonuses. Spin Palace has a Cricket Star and Playtech’s Brian Lara: Sporting Legends gameavailablebut check for newer additions to their roster while you are there.

Back in 2020, Lara was asked to pick his favourite batsmen from the current era and Steve Smith was one of his top picks, right alongside Kane Williamson, Joe Root, AB de Villiers (rtd), and Virat Kohli. It seems that the left-handed master from West Insides was right on point as always.

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