Tennessee woman Amanda Perry dies in Covid-19 after emergency caesarean section

A pregnant woman who refused the vaccine for fear of harming her baby died shortly after giving birth from Covid-19.

This week, a 5-year-old pregnant mother died of Covid-19 complications after undergoing an emergency caesarean section.

36-year-old Amanda Perry COVID-19 vaccine During pregnancy, I was worried that the shot might affect the foetation. Her husband, Billy, was also unvaccinated.

Amanda contracted Pregnant Covid-19, And on September 15th, he was admitted to the TriStar Horizon Medical Center Emergency Department in Dixon, Tennessee.

Shortly thereafter, she was taken to a Virginia hospital for better care, but her husband was told to prepare for the worst.

The couple got married in 2017 and had five children from their previous marriage before trying their sixth child.

Amanda suffered three miscarriages before she was able to successfully conceive and carry her son.

They agreed to name the child Nolan, but eight weeks before her due date, Amanda was rushed for an emergency caesarean section.

She had a hard time after giving birth, but died of illness on October 18, and Billy was alone to raise a newborn child.

Unvaccinated and pregnant

According to the CDC Website, Pregnant people who do not have a vaccine “The risk of serious illness is increased, the risk of needing ICU admission, invasive ventilation, and ECMO is doubled, and the risk of death is 70% higher.”

CDC also says Unvaccinated pregnant people “The risk of preterm birth is high.”

Billy said Amanda wanted to be vaccinated but was too afraid to risk pregnancy, and later on, both want to be vaccinated. He will be shot now.

Amanda died on October 18th and never had a child. Nolan was released in the NICU a month later and is now at home with his father.

Help comes to the Perry family

A GoFundMe page has been set up in Amanda’s name to help Amanda’s family.

“Knowing Amanda was to love her. Her smile was contagious. Her warmth and kindness was felt by everyone who crossed her path,” the page says. It has been done.

The GoFundMe page has raised over $ 31,000 and is asking for help “when her family is in the most trouble”.

This article was originally published in The Sun and has been reproduced here with permission.

Initially published as follows Unvaccinated mother died of Covid-19 after emergency caesarean section

Tennessee woman Amanda Perry dies in Covid-19 after emergency caesarean section

Source link Tennessee woman Amanda Perry dies in Covid-19 after emergency caesarean section

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