“Tell me that”: Karl Stefanović blows up at Josh Frydenberg over vaccine deployment

The treasurer refused to apologize for the failed vaccine deployment, despite being proposed by today’s show host Karl Stefanović during a fierce interview.

While talking to the panel on Thursday morning, Josh Frydenberg was repeatedly told “sorry” because he was late in putting the jab in his arm.

“The Prime Minister said yesterday that he regrets the first statement that the vaccine deployment was not racial. Josh, why don’t you say I’m sorry?” Stefanović said.

“He accepts responsibility and, most importantly, has the solutions needed to deploy the vaccine as soon as possible,” the finance officer claimed.

Scott Morrison then claimed that the response to the pandemic saved tens of thousands of lives, and then claimed that the country’s economic recovery was stronger and faster than most other countries.

“People are angry. People are frustrated. The Prime Minister does not say sorry. Are you ready to deploy and say sorry?” Asked the host of today’s show.

“Well, we accept responsibility … it’s even more important,” Frydenberg said.

Camera iconA line of vaccination clinics in Sydney. NCA NewsWire / Adam Yip credit: News Corp Australia

“‘I’m sorry’ seems to be the most difficult word, right?” Stefanović equipped.

“Look, this is really, really difficult. Deploying this vaccine,” Frydenberg insisted.

“Josh, please tell me,” Stefanović replied.

Treasury officials avoided the investigation and instead repeatedly accepted the responsibility of the government, confessing that they hoped the deployment would be faster in the future.

“I’m sorry every day that Ally has to work with me,” Stefanović joked.

“Sorry. Please tell me. It’s not difficult.”

“I’m sorry for her too,” Frydenberg replied.

Morrison said Wednesday that the government is doing its best to “make it right.”

“I am responsible for the problems we have and the solutions we are implementing and the vaccination rates we are currently achieving,” he told reporters. It was.

But he refused to apologize.

PM presser
Camera iconPrime Minister Scott Morrison also refused to apologize despite taking responsibility. NCA NewsWire / Gary Ramage credit: News Corp Australia

When asked if his own misunderstandings with Australians about the safety and availability of AstraZeneca contributed to his hesitation in taking the vaccine, the Prime Minister fired.

“If the Australian Immunity Technical Advisory Group (some of the country’s most senior scientists) advises the government, does the government suggest that the advice should be rejected?” He said. ..

But just minutes ago, he said, the government was trying to persuade ATAGI to change the advice surrounding AstraZeneca.

“It’s a constant attraction. I can assure you. Whether Morrison is directly appealing to ATAGI to change his medical advice on AstraZeneca and open it up to people over the age of 50. When asked, it’s a constant complaint.

Australia has given more than 10 million vaccines.

“Tell me that”: Karl Stefanović blows up at Josh Frydenberg over vaccine deployment

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