Teen police chase death “preventable”

Investigations have found that teenager deaths as a result of a crash during police chase were preventable and “probably” would not have happened if police had adhered to military policy.

Logan Dreier, 18, died when he was “kicked out” from a stolen car he was driving after losing control and flipping during a police chase on the Gold Coast in August 2019. Did.

Police footage played at a hearing in July shows Dr. Drayer moving at speeds in excess of 140 km / h, interweaving traffic along the Gold Coast streets, followed by several police cars. Was shown.

Police officers lost sight of the stolen car several times during the chase, hearings reported.

Cute turned over when Mr. Drayer tried to negotiate a corner around 9:30 am when the chase was directed to Queen Street near the center of Southport’s central business district.

He was thrown out of his womb and died in the hospital despite the desperate efforts of the paramedics.

In the result of an inquest reported Thursday, Vice-state coroner Jane Bentley picked out the actions of two police officers in the process of pursuit.

“Senior Sergeant (Bradin) Murphy couldn’t provide important information, so senior officers couldn’t understand exactly what was going on,” she said.

“Since Sergeant (David) Martin was unable to control the chase, these senior officers hesitated to take control of themselves and abandon the chase.”

Control failures also meant “increased confusion, too many vehicles involved in tracking, resulting in a large amount of radio communications from those vehicles,” Bentley said.

A lawyer supporting coroner Ryanon Helsen had previously heard that the incident was triggered when four people were reported to have invaded a home on the northern outskirts of the Gold Coast shortly before 9 am on August 9, 2019. He said.

Witnesses reported that four teens had fled in the stolen Nissan Pulsar before police began pursuing.

They lost control of the pulsar and smashed into the lowlands near Movie World. There they stole the workplace from the parking lot and a deadly chase began.

Ms. Bentley recommended that QPS “continue and promote” a review of safe driving and tracking policies.

“This review allows us to consider whether we need to raise the threshold for traceable issues from simply prosecutable crimes,” she said.

She also considered regular scenario-based retraining and recommended that callsigns be placed on the hood and roof of the police car to assist Porea’s identification.

Teen police chase death “preventable”

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