Technology companies look to offline advertising

Tech startups, including Canva and Superhero, are looking to offline advertising that snaps up bad assets to disseminate information about online products.

Eye-catching Graphic design startup Canva While advertising large billboards at airports in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane Share Trading App Superhero Earlier this year, it splattered in advertising blitz across trams, trains and buses.

Canva co-founders Cameron Adams, Cliff Obrecht and Melanie Perkins have launched an offline advertising campaign.

Superhero co-founder John Winters said the startup’s decision to spend the entire 12-month marketing budget from December to February on traffic advertising is “quite risky.”

“We had just raised money, but it was a significant amount of the money we raised to fund the campaign,” he said.

Superheroes raised $ 8 million last September, and Winters said the startup got a fair deal in the campaign as ads were classified as “distressed” as a result of a coronavirus pandemic.

“I think the key to success is that we went everywhere,” he said. “If there’s only one ad on the bus, some people see it, but we’re everywhere, just across the tram, train, and bus.”

Winters said the advertising campaign is a learning experience, as he has never done “cross-border” advertising and was previously purely digitally focused.

“It’s a traditional ad that FinTech and start-ups have never actually done. It was 12 months of marketing budget, but it definitely accelerated customer acquisition,” he said. “I’ve heard rumors in the industry that many competitors have left and said,’Can it be reproduced?'”

Tech unicorn Canva raised $ 71 million earlier this year, worth $ 15 billion, after Sydney-based startups put some of that money into a major signage campaign , Has a much larger war chest than a superhero. ..

Technology companies look to offline advertising

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