TECH Technological University: the largest digital university in the world

Throughout lockdown, many Australians have been turning to the online world for their work and study. In fact, this was true all over the world, and was a key driver in what made TECH University the world’s largest online university for postgraduate degrees.

Despite being founded in Mexico and having a vast selection of Spanish-speaking courses, the English speaking courses directed toward Australians are also quickly developing. Whilst the B2 Chinese course is on offer for only $590, the choices range from sports science and design to physiotherapy and medicine. Around 10,000 programs are available in 10 different languages.


TECH claims that they are world leaders in employability, with 97% of students finding jobs after completing their studies and/or improving their careers. In an age of autodidacticism, online universities are an ideal bridge between remote study and receiving mentorship, and are increasingly respected among recruiters. Because many traditional university courses became remote, remote-based universities have become normalised and fully accepted, meaning they’re no longer at a disadvantage when applying for jobs.


Besides the positive reputation that TECH has rapidly accrued from its student feedback, TECH has built relationships with highly credible organisations. One example is that TECH is the official online university of the NBA, meaning that exclusive programs are offered as well as having guest speakers from the NBA – both players and executives, teaching both the athletic sports science side, but also the business elements.

Furthermore, TECH university uses the Harvard Case Method, which is a teaching methodology used by Harvard. This strategic agreement in using their methodology can reassure students that they’re receiving high-quality education with proven learning and teaching methods. Furthermore, some resources are shared by Harvard too, such as technical notes, online simulations, and teaching materials.

Choice and Cost

An example of a popular course and its associated costs are the video game design selection of courses. Within this category, aimed at Australian students, are the three courses:

Each course is a postgraduate diploma estimated to be 450 hours long (6 months), costing $2,910 each.

This is fairly typical pricing for a 6-month course at TECH, whilst a 2-month engineering postgraduate certificate can cost $760.

Finally, a one-year long professional master’s degree course in Clinical Nutrition, lasting 1 year (1500 hours), costs $4,620. As we can see, these are far lower costs than the average master’s degree tuition fee for Australian universities, which is a big factor in the demand for TECH’s courses.

One unintended positive from TECH has been that online reviews have been all the more relevant. In reality, students rarely check for reviews at traditional universities, besides perhaps a couple of questions to students on an open day tour. However, this online feedback can help point students towards institutions that are going above and beyond in delivering great educational services, making it a more efficient and competitive marketplace.

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