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Dylan Shiel made a big leap towards his long-awaited comeback after being nominated for Essendon’s 26-man extension team in a crunch clash with GWS at the Metricon Stadium on Sunday.

This week, Seal was listed on the club’s injury list a week or two ahead, but the star midfielder was clearly ahead of schedule and was the first senior to suffer a severe knee injury in the second round with Port. Ready to play the game. Adelaide.

See how he returns to the bomber’s on-ball brigade, given that if Seal nods, Darcy Parish replaces him in his absence and celebrates a spectacular breakout year. Would be interesting.

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The Giants also welcomed Ratchie Whitfield and Shane Mumford after Luck’s crisis deepened after Matthew Flynn dislocated his shoulders against the swan. Joshua Kelly was named despite being injured in an ankle injury on Sunday, and Jeremy Finlayson was dropped after only managing three goals from his last four games. Jake Riccardi could replace him.

The West Coast will be capped by Jeremy McGavan on Saturday after Luke Shui was not appointed to face St Kilda following yet another soft tissue injury.

Carlton welcomed co-captain Patrick Clips for meeting North Melbourne at Marvel Stadium on Saturday, but Mark Murphy was named an emergency and may be a medical submarine, but he wasn’t so lucky.

Kangaroo hardnut Jed Anderson will play his first game since the third round, and star teammate Ben Cunnington will be back. However, key defender Robbie Tarrant has been competing due to an injury, paving the way for the long-awaited battle between his twin brothers Harry and Ben McKay.

Tom Liberatore returns to Western Bulldogs’ best meeting with Melbourne on Saturday night at MCG, while former skippers Easton Wood and Latham Vandermer are better off recovering from their respective ankle and knee injuries. I was given a lot of time.

Forwards Josh Dunkley and Mitch Hannan sacrifice the dropped duo Hayden Closure and Ratchie McNeil, and Josh Dunkley, who was forced to isolate after visiting a Tier 1 exposure site. Join Riveratore in the dog lineup.

Melbourne regained James Harms, who had replaced Aaron vandenBerg, but former captain Nathan Jones, who had been fighting calf complaints, was overlooked for selection.

Brisbane recalled the injured midfielder Jarrod Berry in his second match since Round 5, and named it Lachinir because Brownlow’s medalist hurt his shoulder during the week’s training.

Richmond has nominated Premiership duos Shane Edwards and Josh Caddy as extended teams for a match against Geelong on Sunday. Cats welcomes the key duos Ratchie Henderson and Gary Rohan.

AFL Round 19 Teams (Always AEST)

Port Adelaide v Colinwood

Friday, July 23, 7:10 pm Marvel Stadium


B: Burton, Mackenzie, Ariya

HB: Bergman, Jonas, Burne-Jones

C: Darthma, Wine, Houston

HF: Amon, Georgiades, butter

F: Powell Pepper, Dixon, Rosie

FOLL: Lycett, Boak, Drew

I / C: Marshall, Bonner, Woodcock, Ladams

EMG: Mayes, Lienert, Frederick, McEntee

IN: Duursma, Butters, Rozee

OUT: Lienert, Mayes, Frederick, McEntee (all omitted)


B: Quiner, Rogue Head, Maynard

HB: Crisp, Madgen, Tohil

C: Porter, Degoy, Noble

HF: Bianco, Cameron, Ginivan

F: Side bottom, Mihosek, Elliott

FOLL: Grundy, Pendlebury, Adams

I / C: Murphy, Henry, McRae, Lascaux

EMG: Cox, Lynch, Sier, Wilson

IN: Tohill, Ginnivan, Macrae

OUT: Mainu, Hoskin Elliott, Thomas, C. Brown (all injured)

Carlton v North Melbourne

Saturday, July 24, 1:45 pm Marvel Stadium


B: Saad, Jones, Newman

HB: Prouman, Waitering, Williams

C: E. Curnow, Cripps, Walsh

HF: News, Martin, Silvani

F: Fischer, McKay, Betts

FOLL: De Koning, Dow, Kennedy

I / C: Stocker, Petrewski-Seton, Williamson, Cottrell

EMG: Kemp, Oweed, Murphy, O’Brien

IN: Clips

OUT: Owies (management), Fogarty (sub)


B: Atley, McKay, Turner

HB: Tweebel, Walker, Hall

C: Dumont, Simpkin, McDonald’s

HF: Stephenson, Raksha Bandhan, Thomas

F: Philips, Zulhar, Taylor

FOLL: Goldstein, Davies-Uniacke, Cunnington

I / C: Anderson, Scott, Bosenavraghi, Jelly

EMG: Polec, Lazzaro, Hayden, Campbell

IN: Cunnington, Anderson

OUT: Talent, Mahony (both injured), Lazaro (omitted)

Brisbane Lions v Gold Coast Sands

Saturday, July 24th at 3:10 pm in Gabber


B: Madden, Andrews, Star Sevic

HB: Virtual, Leicester, Rich

C: McLuggage, Bailey, J.Berry

HF: McCarthy, Max Tay, Zorco

F: Ah Chi, Daniel, Cameron

FOLL: McInerney, Lyons, Neale

I / C: Robertson, Robinson, Fullerton, Payne

EMG: Cockatoo, T.Berry, Prior, Ballenden

IN: J.Berry, Ah Chee

OUT: Coleman, Prior (both omitted), T.Berry (sub)


B: Powell, Collins, Remens

HB: Lucosius, Ballad, Bows

C: Atkins, Mirror, Sharp

HF: Corbett, Burgess, Sexton

F: Rankin, King, Ainsworth

FOLL: Graham, Anderson, Swallow

I / C: Fiorini, Flanders, Lowell, Markov

EMG: Davis, Brody, Jeffrey, Smith

IN: Markov

OUT: Ellis, Holman (both injured)

West Coast Eagles v St. Kirda

Saturday, July 24, 4:35 pm Optus Stadium


B: Hahn, H.Edwards, Cole

HB: Dagan, McGavan, Shepherd

C: West, Kelly, Seed

HF: Langdon, Darling, Clips

F: Allen, Kennedy, Ryan

FOLL: Naita Nui, Yo, Gaff

I / C: Waterman, O’Neill, Hatchings, Rosam

EMG: Brander, Witherden, Foley, Williams

IN: Kennedy, Waterman, O’Neill, Hatchings

OUT: Williams (omitted), L. Edwards, Petrussel, Shui (all injured), Nelson (sub)


B: Cofffield, Howard, Webbster

HB: Wilky, Sinclair, Hill

C: Billings, Steel, Ross

HF: Membury, Burns, Butler

F: Long, King, Kent

FOLL: Rider, Danstan, Jones

I / C: Connolly, Crouch, Hunter, Claverino

EMG: Bytl, Sharman, Lonie, Allison

IN: Cofffield, Hunter, Claverino

OUT: Marshall (Covid quarantine), Highmore, Mackenzie (both injured), Vitel (omitted)

Melbourne v Western Bulldogs

Saturday, July 24, 7:25 pm MCG


B: Salem, May, Petty

HB: Hibberd, Lever, Rivers

C: Jordan, Petracca, Langdon

HF: Frich, McDonald’s, Neil Valen

F: Pargo, Brown, Picket

FOLL: Gawn, Oliver, Viney

I / C: Harms, Jackson, Brayshaw, Hunt

EMG: Bedford, Sparrow, Weideman, Smith

IN: Harms

OUT: vandenBerg (omitted), Sparrow (sub)


B: Richards, Keith, Williams

HB: Durier, Cody, Dale

C: McRae, Smith, Daniel

HF: Garcia, Norton, Waitman

F: Ugle-Hagan, Bruce, Hunter

FOLL: English, Liberatore, Bontemperi

I / C: Shache, Hannan, Smith, Johannisen

EMG: Young, Crozier, Scott, McNeil

IN: Liberatore, Shache, Hannan

OUT: Crozier, McNeil (both omitted), Dunkley (Covid separated), Scott (sub)

Adelaide Crows v Hawthorne

Saturday, July 24, 7:40 pm Marvel Stadium


B: Hamil, Butts, Kelly

HB: Smith, Dudy, Jones

C: Shawl, Keith, Seedman

HF: McHenry, Fogarty, Murphy

F: Lynch, Himmelberg, Walker

FOLL: O’Brien, Laird, Sloan

I / C: Berry, Schoenberg, McPherson, Frumpton

EMG: Mackay, Till Soap, O’Connor, Rowe

IN: Dudy, Frumpton

OUT: Rowe (administration), Murray (injured), Mackay (omitted)


B: Grainger-Ballas, Hartigan, Howe

HB: Hardwick, Frost, Scrim Show

C: Moore, Warpel, Bramble

HF: Winguard, Broist, Omera

F: Koshitsuke, O’Brien, Lewis

FOLL: McEvoy, Mitchell, Shiels

I / C: Reeves, Cousin, Phillips, Brockman

EMG: Greaves, Nash, Burgoyne, Jeca

IN: Hard wick, scrim show, wing guard

OUT: Jeka, Greaves (both omitted), Burgoyne (administration), Newcombe (sub)

Sydney Swans v Fremantle

Sunday, July 25, 12:30 pm Metricon Stadium


B: Fox, Rampe, McInerney

HB: Hewett, McCartin, Lloyd

C: Dawson, Florent, Garden

HF: Wicks, Reed, Pupley

F: Heaney, Franklin, Hayward

FOLL: Hicky, Kennedy, Parker

I / C (from): Blakey, Stephens, Bell, McDonald, Rowbottom, Ronke, Taylor, McLean

IN: Reed, McDonald’s, Taylor, McLean

OUT: Amartei (omitted)


B: Wilson, Earrings, Ryan

HB: Young, Rogue, Tucker

C: Aish, Fyfe, Cerra

HF: Collier, Taberner, Walters

F: Schultz, Tracy, Henry

FOLL: Darcy, Mandy, Brayshaw

I / C (from): Walker, Banfield, Serong, Meek, Hughes, O’Driscoll, Blakely, Crowden

IN: Young, Taberner, Meek, O’Driscoll, Blakely, Crowden

OUT: Switkowski, Lobb (both injured), Acres (omitted)

Geelong Cats v Richmond

Sunday, July 25, 3:20 pm MCG


B: Atkins, Kolodjashnij, Henry

HB: Stewart, Henderson, Bricabs

C: Menegora, C.Guthrie, Tuoh

HF: Dangerfield, Ratugolea, Miers

F: Bews, Hawkins, Smith

FOLL: Stanley, Selwood, Palfit

I / C (from): Higgins, Narkle, Dahlhaus, Holmes, Close, Z.Guthrie, Rohan, O’Connor

IN: Henderson, Z.Guthrie, Rohan

OUT: None


B: Garthwaite, Astbury, Grimes

HB: Short, Munsell, Rioli

C: Edwards, Cochin, Picket

HF: Castagna, Baker, Aarts

F: Lynch, Bolton, Revolt

FOLL: Nankarvis, Lambert, Parker

I / C (from): Stack, Chol, Ross, Graham, Ralphsmith, Caddy, Coleman-Jones, Collier-Dawkins

IN: Edwards, Caddy, Ralph Smith, Coleman Jones, Collier Dokins

OUT: Martin, Macintosh (both injured)

Essendon vGWS Giants

Sunday, July 25, 6:10 pm Metricon Stadium


B: La Verde, Stewart, Redman

HB: Heppel, Ridley, Hindi

C: Smith, Mellet, Cox

HF: Perkins, Light, Snelling

F: Stringer, Hooker, McDonald’s-Tipunguti

FOLL: Draper, Cutler, Parish

I / C (from): Durham, Zaharakis, Guelfi, Ham, Brian, Gleeson, Waterman, Seal

IN: The Harakis, Brian, Seal

OUT: None


B: Taylor, Davis, Cumming

HB: Perryman, Haynes, Kennedy

C: Kerri, Green, Whitfield

HF: Daniels, Himmelberg, Taranto

F: Lloyd, Hogan, Brune

FOLL: Mumford, Coniglio, Hopper

I / C (from): O’Halloran, Ward, Reid, Idon, Sproule, Riccardi, Ash, Peatling

IN: Whitfield, Mumford, Riccardi, Ash, Pete Ring

OUT: Finlayson (omitted), Flynn (injured)

Team News, Teams, Ins and Outs, Changes, Confirmed Teams, Lists, Injuries, Latest News

Source link Team News, Teams, Ins and Outs, Changes, Confirmed Teams, Lists, Injuries, Latest News

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