Teaching soft skills in the digital world

Traditional contact center training focuses on technology realization and product knowledge with the goal of improving efficiency and effectiveness. As we compete for digital transformation, companies are finding that their customer experience is increasingly lacking in human contact and the gap in empathy skills is widening day by day.

To address this issue, Genesys has announced the Beyond CX. This is an e-learning program developed for contact center employees and supervisors that focuses on developing the soft skills needed to provide an empathic personalized experience.

The company believes that training is needed to bridge the human-digital interaction and enable customers to listen, understand and feel valued.recently Genesys Survey Australian consumers value empathic experiences over quick resolution, with 84% wanting customer service employees to listen to them and 82% wanting them to understand their needs. I think.1.. On the contrary, only nearly 20% of Oceania’s high-performance agents cite quality, empathy and listening as their greatest strengths.2..

Genesys believes Beyond CX has transformed traditional training into an interactive learning experience that helps businesses address empathy gaps. Formatted like a TV show, the program is a series of episodes that use high-quality video production, storytelling power, and the latest skill development techniques to immerse participants in the world of customer experience (CX). .. Contact center employees and supervisors can build trust, empathize, coordinate the customer experience, transform traditional transactions into fluid context-based protection, and build customer loyalty. Learn

The first season of Beyond CX is currently available for subscription, with support for additional languages ​​planned later this year.

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Teaching soft skills in the digital world

Source link Teaching soft skills in the digital world

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