Taylor Swift’s Love Story: New Version Expected for Singers

Taylor Swift fans are preparing for another “surprise announcement” by tomorrow’s star as rumors swirl about what the news is.

In the big months of a “surprise announcement” from Taylor Swift, pop superstars are making fun of another for tomorrow.

But according to superfans, it’s unlikely to be another new album, or news of her engagement, As previously guessed.

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U.S. morning show Good morning, America The revealed Swift will appear on the show tomorrow to break some news, and many are convinced that it’s the final version of her re-recorded track. love story..

The 31-year-old star revealed that he was re-recording the entire back catalog after enthusiastic with Scooter Braun last November.

In December, she offered fans a new version of Sneak Peak love storyFirst appeared on the 2008 album Fearless, Via hilarious An ad for a dating site featuring Ryan Reynolds.

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Swift recently talked about his experience of re-recording the first six albums after the sale of rights by former record label Big Machine. Good morning, America..

“I’ve had a really good time re-recording old music,” she said.

“It was the most fun love storyBecause it’s old music … My voice is very teenager, and sometimes when I hear old music and young teenager’s voice, I feel like another singer now.

“I enjoyed going back and re-recording what I think I could actually improve.

“It was a really great and fun adventure.”

Swift’s early album rights were owned by Scooter Braun after the acquisition of Big Machine.

At the time of the deal, Swift said she was “sad” and “gross out” and accused Brown, a prominent industry talent manager, of being behind “continuous operational bullying.”

It was announced in November that he had sold his rights to a private equity firm In a deal worth more than $ 400 million reportedly.

Tomorrow’s announcement will come just two months after she releases her second surprise album in 2020.

In December, Swift sent the internet to overdrive when she dropped her 9th studio album, just more than ever Five months after her first isolated album, Folklore..

Both have been released by Universal Music Group and have been highly acclaimed.

Taylor Swift’s Love Story: New Version Expected for Singers

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