Tattered Melvanian watches with anxiety as Sydney locks down

In retrospect, it was a clear turning point on the road to a complete blockade. Everything else was too late. The second wave exploded, trapping Melvernian at home for 111 days. This is because the surge eventually disappeared after more than 18,000 infections.

The blockade was unpopular and destroyed mental health and many businesses, but it worked.

Many of us are now nervously watching what is happening north of the border. Even the double press conference held by New South Wales authorities felt eerily familiar, reflecting how rapidly the situation was changing.

But there was a lesson to learn from Victoria’s predicament: the sooner you lock down, the faster you come out.

NGV family reopened on Hopkins

It may seem that is not the case now, but Melbourne did not immediately enter the second blockade.

Like its New South Wales counterparts, Prime Minister Andrews had already tightened rally restrictions, locally blocked zip codes, and left other parts of the city open.

The home order was introduced on July 7, after Victoria recorded 191 new cases. The number of active cases was 772.

Public area masks did not take effect until July 22, two weeks later.

On August 2, Victoria reported 671 cases in one day, introducing a curfew from 8 pm to 5 am and restrictions on travel over 5 kilometers.

Martin Place on Sydney CBD was empty on Thursday.

Martin Place on Sydney CBD was empty on Barrett

In comparison, NSW was fairly active and passed many of these stages in just over a week. However, the question remains as to whether it was possible to proceed faster, especially if the highly infectious Delta variant is in circulation.

And after avoiding it for a long time, there is still obvious discomfort in choosing a city-wide blockade option.


Victorians will find it unpleasant for New South Wales people to be allowed to attend a wedding this weekend. Because it was considered unfair to cancel them. Ms. Beregikrian said on Saturday that she trusts her people to do the right thing.

When Melbourne entered its second blockade, there was no warning that it would last well beyond the first six weeks. It was finally lifted after 15 days.

It’s easy to see if Sydney has been waiting too long.

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Tattered Melvanian watches with anxiety as Sydney locks down

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