Tasmanian ferry crew negative after fear of COVID

Apple Isle seems to have avoided the outbreak of COVID-19 after a positive result from a Melbourne-based contractor working on the Spirit of Tasmania ferry.

The round-trip voyage to Melbourne and Devonport was canceled on Friday night when a positive case occurred among TT-Line employees.

The contractor worked under the deck on both Spirit of Tasmanian vessels during the infection on Monday and Tuesday.

“We have identified each of the people involved in the exposure,” Dr. Scott McKean, acting director of public health, told reporters Saturday.

“There was a small group of 17 people exposed to both ships. No other workers were exposed to the incident.”

Eleven were in Tasmania, and since then all have returned negative results from rapid testing, but two out of six in Victoria have also been negative.

An additional 67 crew members are undergoing preventive testing on the port side of Devonport.

“The risk to passengers is very low, and as a result they were able to get off the ship if they wanted,” said Prime Minister Peter Gatwan.

The canceled voyage disrupted the travel plans of about 150 passengers in Melbourne and 40-50 passengers in Devonport, and almost all chose to stay overnight in the cabin.

The Devonport Ferry is ready to depart on Saturday, but if the remaining four major Melbourne-based contacts return negative results, Melbourne’s vessels can follow suit.

“We apologize to all the passengers who were confused by last night’s actions,” said Bernard Dwyer, CEO of TT Line.

“But these actions were very necessary to keep Tasmania safe and free of COVID from Tasmania.”

All passengers will receive a full refund or the reservation will be rescheduled for free.

Gatwan said Tasmania’s COVID safe system has shown that it is working to prevent Delta variants from creeping out of Victoria before the state achieves higher vaccination goals.

“If Delta loosens here, people will die. I’m very happy that we are in our position today,” he said.

Tasmanian ferry crew negative after fear of COVID

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