Taliban “rape gang” hunts a 12 year old girl

The Taliban gang is targeting 12-year-old children in search of sex slaves on a “door-to-door visit” after conquering Afghanistan.

The Taliban gang is targeting a 12-year-old child looking for sex slaves after conquering Afghanistan.

A chilling report Fighters raided the whole country and seized Kabul At a speed that surprised the west Sun Report.

Jihadi’s army occupied the capital of Afghanistan — put an end to the rampage that humiliated US President Joe Biden and much of the West.

Women and girls are believed to be some of the most endangered under the new Taliban regime — Despite attempts to release a more modern persona..

When militant groups ruled Afghanistan in the 90s, they were brutal and oppressed — with cruel torture and public executions.

And the Taliban appear to be regaining their sneaky ways in reports that they are forcing marriage and demanding a list of women and girls.

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Taliban warlords reportedly consider unmarried or widowed women and girls between the ages of 12 and 45 as “Kanimat” and distribute war plunder to fighters.

Afghans pouring into Kabul as refugees fleeing militant marches talked about how the commander demanded that women and girls be “wives” and raped.

They also reported that they also spoke of how civilians and captured soldiers were killed by the Taliban. The Wall Street Journal..

Taliban officials have denied that the group is sexually slavery and argue that such behavior violates Islamic rules.

However, when the Taliban last ruled Afghanistan, such practices were rampant.

And last month, it was revealed that Taliban officials issued a decree ordering local leaders to submit a list of girls and widows under the age of 45.

Faiz Mohammed Nouri and his family fled from Baglan’s home in search of comfort in Kabul.

But before the city collapsed, he said NBC: “Kabul is also unsafe. If they hijack Kabul, they will take your daughter, your wife, they don’t care.”

Other reports of women’s new repression in Afghanistan include a photo of a woman in a Kabul storefront filled in by a horrifying shopkeeper.

And there were reports that women-centric stores pasted notices that warned them not to enter by the Taliban, or they would “face the consequences.”

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“Looking for a young girl and visiting door to door”

Afghan politician and journalist Shukria Barakzai has revealed some of the horrors he heard when the Taliban attacked Kabul.

“A woman’s eyes gouge in front of a family of horror. A 12-year-old girl crouches from her crying mother’s arm to become a Taliban’warrior’sex slave. Men were punished or killed for “crime” as simple as listening to “wrong” music, or for dare to be “educated.” Daily mail..

She added: “In some villages, Taliban recruits are forced to travel door-to-door, looking for young girls to marry against their will, and being forced into sexual slavery.

“They check out house drawers, wardrobes, and even suitcases, denying desperate mothers have young daughters to make sure they’re telling the truth. I am determined that the virgins will not escape from their clutch. “

Taliban fighters are reportedly already shot dead Woman in “tight clothes” Also, in some areas it is said that women cannot leave home without a male chaperone.

There are unconfirmed reports that a woman was sentenced to death for stoning in Aybak.

And the Taliban’s atrocities against women are well documented.

The 2016 militants stood in front of a woman who went shopping alone, and the 2015 woman was stoned to a shallow grave for having sex with her boyfriend.

A video shot earlier this year showed an unknown woman screaming whisked by a Taliban fighter accused of talking to a man on the phone.

And in 1999, one of the most notorious photographs of the Taliban’s atrocities was executed in the middle of a soccer stadium in Kabul, a woman named Zalmina, her five mothers.

The speed of the Taliban’s victory rocked the world, coming just weeks after troops from the United States, Britain and other NATO countries left Afghanistan.

Twenty years after they were expelled by the United States and its allies as a result of 9/11, they are now regaining power.

The Taliban troops rushed to Kabul as the government fled and Western nations desperately tried to airlift the last staff from the embassy.

In a horrifying video, thousands of people were desperately flocking to Kabul Airport for help while the western plane took off. Some clung to the landing gear and died.

Boris Johnson accused the United States of the Taliban’s advance in Afghanistan and claimed that President Biden had “accelerated” their dominance.

The British prime minister said the “difficult” situation was exacerbated by the president’s decision to withdraw troops from the war-torn country.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled the country saying he did so to “prevent bloody floods” and prevent the destruction of Kabul.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Scott Morrison Evacuate Australian and Afghan workers From Kabul in the ongoing crisis.

Morrison refused to go into the details of the rescue and instead made a tough concession that the government might not be able to bring everyone home.

“The Kabul scene was really heartbreaking,” he said at a press conference on Tuesday, for everyone, especially those who have made significant contributions over the last two decades, especially the 41 lost. It’s a cool day.

“Know that we will continue to do as much as we can for the people who are with us to this day, but I would like to speak openly to veterans. I know that despite our best efforts, we do not reach everything we need support.

“We wish it was different.”

The Taliban appear to be pardoning government troops, saying they want a “change of power.”

“Human life, property and dignity are not compromised and the lives of Kabul citizens are not endangered,” said the Taliban.

However, the question remains whether the Taliban leadership can control the troops on the ground and prevent them from taking revenge.

When the Taliban finally seized power and then finally entered Kabul in 1996, they tortured the former president and then dragged him into the street and hanged him.

This article was originally published Sun Reproduced with permission

Initially published as follows Taliban “rape gang” hunts a 12 year old girl

Taliban “rape gang” hunts a 12 year old girl

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