Taj Woewodin joins Prime Minister Melbourne Demon’s

On the final pick in the national draft, Melbourne took Taj Woewodin, the son of former demon Brown Lomedalist Shane.

A quick midfielder from Western Australia arrived at the club, and his father moved to Collingwood later in his career after winning the Brown Low medal in 2000.

“It’s very special for Taj and his family. It’s a great story for him to follow in the footsteps of his father, he really got it. He’s a great kid, he’s a game He’s really getting better every week, “said Jason Taylor, the devil’s hiring boss.

The choice was good, but Taylor said the decision wasn’t sentimental.

“It’s a difficult decision because of it (emotion), but I can’t allow it to really affect it. There’s always a bit of work to do, but when we make the final decision, we sort it out. You need to. You want it to be sentimental, but the short answer is no (emotions don’t go into it). “

He plays the ball like his father, but probably faster than his father, who was a long-distance runner.

Father: Shane Wowoddin and his Brown Row won in Costanzo

“He played everywhere this year … he played mostly in the midfield, but at the national level, he played half-forward, half-back and was successful in all areas. His match was as a midfielder. I think he’s growing. His inside game has taken off this year. “

Earlier, the demon got key forward Jake Van Ruen and versatile running player Blake Howes.

“I didn’t think the talent gap was too big a bridge, so we targeted a bit of a need, and looked at the area of ​​the ground through which the young key would pass (necessary).

Taj Woewodin joins Prime Minister Melbourne Demon’s

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