TA2 will increase in number with new hires

Gary O’Brien

Among the latest in the TA2 category are competitors in the New South Wales state of Josh Haynes and Brockbowley and the state category of front running from SA.

Josh Haynes is the race winner of the Nissan Pulsar MRF Tire APRA Championship. Based in Narellan, New South Wales, his team plans to compete in several rounds of the TA2 Series and the National Trans-Am Series in 2022.

The team purchased a Camaro previously raced by Zack Russiapo and made its final appearance in the Australian Motor Racing Series at Sydney Motorsports Park in early March. Loscialpo has already brought a new car.

Haynes strives to make his first hit on the Camaro over the weekend of October 23-24, learning a lot from the transition from low horsepower front-wheel drive to high-horsepower rear-wheel and left-hand drive machines. I’m expecting.

In Western Australia, where three cars raced last weekend, numbers continue to grow. Saloon Car Hall Dencomodor VT driver Brock Borley has joined the Camaros sports sedan Sheb Camaro Transam Pilot Ron Moller and former Saloon Car Stairer Brett Neil in sports sedans / sports car racing.

Borley’s team took former George Eliot Camaro out of Moller. Moller then bought a new Camaro. Borley is also trying to add a second car, already equipped with a new How Engineering machine. Niall, along with his father Malcolm, has held the steering wheel of the MARC Focus V8 since previously racing with AUFalcons at Saloon Cars.

Borley wants to compete with the National Trans-Am Series once the border is opened, and wants the category to be self-sufficient in Washington. There are two challengers in the state who haven’t raced yet, but Borley expects to reach around 12 by mid-next year.

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TA2 will increase in number with new hires

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