Sydney, the coldest day in 25 years

Sydney trembled on the coldest day of the last 25 years, and New South Wales is still cold in the Arctic.

CBD’s Observatory Hill is expected to reach 11 degrees Celsius on Thursday, but it may feel even colder.

Oranges in the Midwestern New South Wales were covered in snow Munsell

“We will not see such temperatures for about 25 years,” said Helen Reid, a weather forecaster at the Meteorological Department.

The first large-scale outbreak of cold air in winter is caused by a large Antarctic cold air mass that moves very slowly, and it takes time to move through the county.

“It contains enough water for the cold air to turn into snow. [in some parts of the state]”Reed said.

Cold waves covered local cities and towns throughout the state, including Orange in the Midwest, Oberon in Central Tableland, and Blackheath in the Blue Mountains.

It could snow today near the Queensland border on the northern plateau, while sleet was recorded on Wednesday.

The ski area was hit by heavy snow overnight, and Perisher recorded about 0.5 meters.

Sydney, the coldest day in 25 years

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