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Sydney Harbor Boat Cruise COVID-19 Case “Probably an Omicron Variant”

Authorities are currently trying to urgently contact about 140 people who signed in with a QR code before boarding the boat on Friday. The boat left King Street Wharf 9 at 7:30 pm and returned around 11:00 pm.

Persons on board and their entire family are urged to be immediately inspected and quarantined.

The cruise was co-sold as “Flow Friday-90s Themed Boat Party” and “Freaky Sunday Afrovibe: The Last Dance”.

Thirty-one cases of Omicron coronavirus mutants have been registered with NSW.

The increase in clusters associated with climbing gyms and two schools in southwest Sydney has increased to 20, and more cases are expected.

Chief Health Officer Kelly Chant said the original source was in Nigeria and was believed to be a traveler arriving from Doha to Sydney on November 23 on flight QR908.

“We expect more numbers to be associated with this cluster as more results are seen in the next few days,” he said Tuesday.

NSW Health provides extensive consulting to determine how contagious the new variant is and how it is transmitted compared to other variants.

“We are working with international counterparts to quickly gain a better understanding of the nature of this new variant,” said Dr. Chant.

“We are also working to understand the severity of the new mutants and, importantly, how effective the vaccine is in providing prevention for severe illness.”

The state recorded 260 new COVID-19 cases from 58,706 tests from 24 hours to 8 pm on Monday.

Sydney Harbor Boat Cruise COVID-19 Case “Probably an Omicron Variant”

Source link Sydney Harbor Boat Cruise COVID-19 Case “Probably an Omicron Variant”

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