SVG risk equal reward

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Supercars Championship leader Schoenbangisbergen acknowledged a dangerous pass on Turn 2 with a miraculous race victory at Sundown this afternoon.

Van Gisbergen, who was charged from 17th on the grid, took five positions on the opening lap and then gradually went into the fight with the help of the struggling Chaz Mostert.

Holden Andretti United drivers chose to pit in early, which affected the pace of his slow race.

However, it was a move on lap 32, disposing of teammates Jamie Wincup and Mostert on Turn 2 and Van Gisbergen acknowledged as a move to win his race.

He overtook race leader Comewaters with two laps remaining to maintain an undefeated start of the season.

“(It) was a bit dangerous move on Turn 2, and it probably won the race,” Kiwi said.

“It might not have been wise to have three widths, but being inside was the safest place and it worked very well.”

The move came after Wangisbergen advanced to fifth on the field with a sickle, but the fight with James Courtney on the outlap jeopardized the charge on the lead.

“The first lap was good and after saving tires I started picking up guys,” he said.

“I ran a little longer than everyone expected, but it still worked for us.

“I had a terrible outlap, fought James (Courtney) and did a lot of understeer, but after three laps it worked.

“I saw Chaz struggling to start backing up everyone, and he did, it was great.”

After breaking his collarbone two weeks ago, Wangisbergen tested the BMW M3 Production Car on Wednesday, but his participation remained questionable this weekend before the opening.

Risk equals Shane van Gisbergen's reward-Image: InSyde Media

Risk equals Shane van Gisbergen’s reward – Image: InSyde Media

Wangisbergen tested his shoulders early and passed the test.

“I thought I could go straight on the curve and race on the turn 2 outlap,” he explained.

“It hurts when it hits the cut, but it’s not that bad.”

Bangisbergen said the injury did not affect his driving, although he was still recovering, and said the new setup of moving the steering wheel closer and lower was helpful.

“I’m suffering, but it’s not worse than it was before the race started,” said Wangisbergen.

“Maybe it was adrenaline, but it didn’t distract me at all. It was a perfect focus.”

Asked if this victory was his best, Wangisbergen was uncommitted in his answer.

“I don’t know, I’m not thinking about that,” he replied.

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SVG risk equal reward

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