Sustainable Wine Cultivation Australia Meets Sustainability Demand

Australian Grape and Wine, Australian Wine Research Institute, Wine Australia is calling on all viticulture and winemakers to become members of Australia’s National Sustainability Program, Sustainable Wine Cultivation Australia.

The demand for products that can be proven to be produced in a sustainable way continues to grow worldwide. Sustainability is now a core element that consumers and retailers seek.

The Sustainable Winegrowing Australia program helps members measure, monitor and report on environmental, economic and social initiatives in vineyards or wineries each year. This not only allows them to prove their sustainability qualifications, but also helps them continually improve their practices.

Tony Batagreen, CEO of Grape & Wine in Australia, said:

“There is a global acceleration of consumer sentiment towards sustainability, which is taking the world’s wine sector to it. Consumers, retailers and governments are all paying attention. We are so important. I haven’t paid attention to it at any time. “

Consumer purchase considerations are now driving this action, and retail trends and supply chain requirements are rapidly catching up.

“Sustainability needs to be led at the local level, but the Sustainable Winegrowing Australia program allows us to show the world both individual and collective qualifications,” says Battaglene.

“A quick and brief evaluation and reporting of the program provides an overview of the environmental, economic and social practices of producers in vineyards or wineries. The benefits of being a member are benchmarks for production activity. To make it possible, you can gain insights into efficiency and cost savings while creating significant business value in the long run. “

Sustainable Winegrowing Australia supports more than 700 members in sustainability management and assessment. With a 32% increase in membership in the past fiscal year and a 22% increase by September 30, the program has received a lot of attention in the wine industry.

Members include Australia’s most famous grape and wine producers, including Gemtree Wines, Devil’s Rare, Seesaw Wines, Mount Langigilan and Duxton Vineyards.

Sustainable Winegrowing Australia is one of 40 founding members from around the world working together to accelerate sustainable action in the global wine sector.

The newly established Sustainable Wine Roundtable is a roundtable of independent, non-profit stakeholders, hoping that the Australian program will actively contribute to the definition and setting of global sustainability standards for wine. doing.

For more information about the program, please visit to sign up for tips and become a member.

Sustainable Wine Cultivation Australia Meets Sustainability Demand

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