Surveys show that 33% of budget is wasted due to inadequate briefs

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In the world’s first survey, the BetterBriefs project investigated the shortcomings and successes of marketing briefs. How effective are briefs and how much time are marketers wasting?

The survey, released on October 13, reveals stunning statistics for industry professionals. The results show that there is confusion, inconsistency, and misunderstanding between marketers and agencies when it comes to conducting briefings.

Marketers and agencies

When it comes to marketers and agencies, there is a huge gap between them regarding their beliefs about the effectiveness of briefs. The numbers seem clear, despite the value that both parties attribute to the briefs.

A staggering 80% of marketers believe they explain well to agencies, but only 10% of agencies agree with this statement.

A closer analysis of these numbers reveals that 78% of marketers think the briefs are clearly written and strategically oriented. Only 5% of government representatives agree with this. Eighty-three percent of marketers believe they use clear and concise language during their briefings. Only 7% of agencies agree.

The need for briefs

However, marketers and agencies agree in several ways. 89% of marketers and 86% of distributors agree that it is difficult to produce a good work without a clear brief. Also, 90% of marketers and 92% of agencies consider briefs to be one of the most valuable and paradoxically the most neglected tools.


The importance of good briefs does not seem to be underestimated. But perhaps one thing that isn’t taken into account is the impact of financial burdens on briefs and vice versa. That is, how much your budget can be eroded if you don’t have enough briefs. According to a survey, 33% of marketing budget is wasted. Inadequate briefs and work in the wrong direction can lead to tedious work time.

Reporting is also considered common, with 69% of marketers and 73% of distributors agreeing that this happens on a regular basis. But that practice is also costly and frustrating for both parties.

Janet Hull, Director of Marketing Strategy and Executive Director at IPAEffWorks, has experience in this area and offers the following advice: “Without good evidence-based briefs, you can’t produce good work. It must have realistic results and a sensible budget. These are client-agency relationships and campaigns. It’s a component of the result, “she says.

“A bad brief explanation wastes time, money, and patience. But let’s turn the negative into a positive here. Now that we know the scope of the problem, we are given the opportunity to improve the briefing process. increase.”

Surveys show that 33% of budget is wasted due to inadequate briefs

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