Supermarkets are exposed as panic buyers buy up essential products

The entire aisle is exposed in WA supermarkets as panicked shoppers scramble to stock up on essentials before the tough border collapses and enter a new omricon era.

At the supermarket visited by The Sunday Times on Saturday, stocks of toilet paper, canned goods, painkillers, meat and rice were wiped out.

Cam Dumesny, CEO of Western Roads Federation, said panic buying puts an extra burden on systems already suffering from COVID absences on interstate highways. Since Christmas, at least seven freight trains (the equivalent of about 1000 grocery and other grocery trucks) have been delayed in arriving in Western Australia.

He said the best thing shoppers could do to relieve pressure was to buy only what they needed.

“We need to do our best to curb panicked demand. Be patient and confident in our industry. It’s a fairly resilient supply chain,” says Dumesny.

Camera iconPain relief was still out of stock at Woolworths in Barcutta, despite the limited availability of customers. credit: Western Australian/ /Western Australian

Fleur Brown, industry head of the Australian Retailers Association, said the wave of Omicron has hit the workforce, forcing West Coast suppliers to limit or temporarily close commodity trading hours. Said it was done.

Woolworths store director Janet Fenceke said supermarket giants are receiving new inventory every day.

“Customers will notice gaps in the shelves, but we’re doing everything we can to meet demand,” she said.

“We encourage everyone to be attentive to others in the community and continue shopping in reasonable quantities.”

Coles spokesman WA shoppers were inspired by the chaotic scenes of the eastern states.

“We have temporary restrictions on some products to ensure fair access to our customers.

“We are fortunate to have a great WA meat and grocery supplier. We work closely with our suppliers and shipping partners to increase deliveries and all as quickly as possible. We are returning a range of products. “

Supermarkets are exposed as panic buyers buy up essential products

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