Superheroes provide access to Bitcoin-linked ETFs

Major online stock trading platforms Superhero Announced that ProShares Bitcoin ETF will be available to customers following its listing in the United States.
ETFs are the first Bitcoin Link ETFs available to investors. US-listed superhero customers can deposit US $ in real time and purchase units with a $ 0 brokerage fee.John Winters, CEO and co-founder Superhero “We know that many customers are interested in cryptocurrencies. ProShares Bitcoin ETFs are available so you can touch Bitcoin on the superhero platform.”

“Our customers want exposure to crypto through the platform. This is the first step towards making Bitcoin and crypto more accessible.”

The Australian market is heading towards crypto-backed ETFs. Last week, ETF Securities listed FinTech and blockchain-related ETFs, and Betashares sought the approval of crypto-focused ETF regulators to provide exposure to global companies offering crypto-related services. Announced that

Superheroes provide access to Bitcoin-linked ETFs

Source link Superheroes provide access to Bitcoin-linked ETFs

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