Successful DFS Portfolio Solution Partnership with DomaCom

DomaCom Celebrate its three-year partnership with DFS Portfolio Solutions, adding approximately $ 30 million to DomaCom’s FUM through the DFS Mortgage Fund.

The basis of the partnership was to facilitate the acquisition of the significant risk premium available in the private credit markets during historically low interest rates. In addition, it provides diverse credit exposure without mixing loans and maintains full control of investment capital. With this DomaCom structure, DFS can do this, much different from other mortgage fund offerings, giving investors more comfort and peace of mind.

Arthur Naoumidis, CEO of DomaCom, said: The combination of DFS’s excellent revenue performance and DomaCom’s syndication platform provides excellent results for investors and is accessible to DomaCom certified advisors looking for strong revenue options for their clients. “

DFS and DomaCom can show a 3-year performance history. The first mortgage fund will cover 27 loans with an average LVR of less than 60%, with an annual net income of 8.01% pa for three years.

In the defensive asset profile, the average weight to maturity is 13 months.

Stephen Romic, Managing Director of DFS Portfolio Solutions, said:

“We hope to continue to work with DomaCom by attracting more independent advisors to mortgage funds, hoping for continued low interest rates and solid performance at DomaCom. DomaCom is a real estate and mortgage loan. A unique and versatile platform that works well in our asset class. “

To further demonstrate the strength of the relationship between DomaCom and DFS, a new fund has recently been added to the DFS Wholesale Enhanced Credit Fund for wholesale investors.

Both DFS and DomaCom are considering further entry into the independent advisory industry, which offers customized services for small advisory practices and large dealer groups.

Successful DFS Portfolio Solution Partnership with DomaCom

Source link Successful DFS Portfolio Solution Partnership with DomaCom

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