Students executed by smuggling squid games

A North Korean man is reportedly executed after smuggling a copy of Netflix’s blockbuster Squid game Sell ​​them to the country.

Radio Free Asia said sources reported that seven high school students were caught after seeing a global hit in Korean after smugglers brought in copies from China.

The series was then sold on a flash drive that included seven high school students. They were arrested, According to RFA..

One student was sentenced to life imprisonment and the other six were sentenced to five years of hard work. There are reports that a lonely student escaped hard work as his family paid the authorities for $ 3,000 ($ A4170).

Teachers and school managers were apparently dismissed and banished from working in remote mines.

According to the RFA, smugglers were to be executed by firing squad.

The North Korean government reportedly applied the “Reactionary Thought and Culture Exclusion” Act for the first time in cases involving minors.

Strict legislation imposes the greatest death penalty for viewing, maintaining, or distributing media from “capitalist countries,” including South Korea. Squid game It was shot and produced.

Squid game Abdication

North Korea’s solemn writing comes as another tough Korean drama defeat Squid game As Netflix’s highest rated show.

Hellbound Soared to the top of streaming services The most watched show in the world After premiering within a week.

It soared to the top of the most watched list in just 24 hours-it’s a feat it took Squid game 8 days to achieve.

In that first week, Hellbound Achieved an astonishing 43,480,000 hours of total play time.

Also defeated the British television series Mystery, Inspired by video games League of Legends, 38,420,000 hours of viewing was recorded.

The series also broke through the long-awaited second season Tiger King, It recorded 30,030,000 hours of viewing.

Hellbound Based on a graphic novel from the original Webtoon by series director Yeon Sang Ho.

That means that their souls will suffer forever in hell after the supernatural creatures that blame people for hell arrive on Earth.

Revelation plunges the Earth into a dystopian society governed by radical religious cults.

The rankings are on Netflix’s most watched list, which the streaming service launched last week.

This tool allows users to switch between duration, TV shows, movies, and each title is ranked by a “watching time” metric.

Students executed by smuggling squid games

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