Stat Attack, Round 19, Top 8 Teams vs Bottom 8 Teams, Broncos vs Panthers, Cowboys

The top 8 teams will play against the bottom 8 teams in the first 13 years of Round 19.

Meanwhile, the best teams to win both halves this season have been revealed.

Read all important stats in Round 19 Status Attack.

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Late mail: All team news, SuperCoach tips, ins and outs ahead of Round 19

Top and bottom

This week seems to be a very rare event at the NRL, with all the top eight teams heading to the round and playing all the bottom eight teams. This last happened in early 2019 (Round 3) and has only happened five times in the past. It happened only once in Round 25 of 2009 in the second half of the season. None of the top eight teams have won in the last four times. 7 out of 8 wins in the 6th round of 2011.

Three of the top four sides have the perfect record for the current bottom eight of the season, with only the Panthers falling to the original West Tigers affected by the 13-round clash. Teams 5-8 were slightly worse, with the Roosters losing one match (v Broncos), two Manly matches (Night and Raiders), the Dragons losing four out of ten, and the shark losing five out of nine.

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“It was RAW and honest” | 03:04

From the bottom eight teams, the Raiders have three out of nine games against the current topside, the West team has three out of ten games, the Knights, Broncos and Bulldogs have two games, the Warriors have one game, and the Cowboys and Titans have eight. I lost all the matches.

With all the top teams winning this week and staying in the top eight, it will be even more rare in the next round. In next week’s draw, the current top eight players are all scheduled to play each other, so the bottom eight players will also play each other. The Top 8 played each other only twice, in Round 16 of 2006 and Round 9 of 2001 during the NRL era.

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Rumors around Fergo will be wild | 01:21

Tough crusades

Newcastle clings to the edge of the eight with the same wins as sharks and Raiders, but last week’s storm hit was the biggest defeat since 2019. Things may not be easier this week as the Knights face past enemies. Ten years, Ondori.

Since 2012, Newcastle have won two of their 15 games against Sydney. This is the worst and fourth worst record on the team against the opponents of the period (Wests Tigers v Roosters, Broncos v Storm, Rabbitohs v Storm). The average scoreline over the 15-game period is 30-12 in favor of the Roosters. The last three games were all 30 points lost to the Knights, and they have never lost to their opponents by 30 plus in four consecutive games.

Knights results against any of the top five teams do not satisfy reading in 2021-5 lost all games and in no case scored more than 10 points.

The Knights struggled to keep their spine on the field this season, so it may be necessary to change luck on the front line of injury to improve the situation. Kalyn Ponga and Mitchell Pearce both play less than eight games. This includes 38 undefeated cowboys in Round 16.

Overall, the Knights have used 13 combinations (full back, half, hooker) on their spine this season, and that number is even more surprising as Hooker Jayden Braley plays all the games this season. It has become something to do.

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This week’s statistics

Melbourne and Penrith were clearly the dominant teams this season, so it’s not surprising that they “winned” the first and second half of the match more than any other team of the season, but the Cowboys aren’t in control. It’s a surprise to achieve one feat this season! They took the lead with only two breaks this season, surpassing their opponents six times in the second half.

But wait, there’s more! (First half / second half victory)

Team wins

Penrith 12

Melbourne 11

Sydney Roosters 8

Parramatta 8

South Sydney 7

Manly 6

Gold Coast Titans 4

Newcastle 4

Canberra 3

St. George Irawara 3

Warriors 2

Brisbane 2

Cronulla 2

Canterbury 1

West Tigers 1

North queensland 0

Stat Attack, Round 19, Top 8 Teams vs Bottom 8 Teams, Broncos vs Panthers, Cowboys

Source link Stat Attack, Round 19, Top 8 Teams vs Bottom 8 Teams, Broncos vs Panthers, Cowboys

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