STA welcomes four exciting new members

Deakin University’s four exciting science, technology and engineering centers have joined Science & Technology Australia, one of the country’s leading voices in the science and technology community.

Science & Technology Australia is a strong voice of science and technology that is deeply involved in the outlook for national policy. Currently, there are 92 member organizations that employ or represent 90,000 STEM professionals nationwide.

The four new members are Deakin’s Frontier Materials Institute, Intelligent Systems and Research Institute, Mental and Physical Health and Clinical Translation Institute, and Regional and Rural Futures Centers.

“Deakin University is one of Australia’s leading universities of science and technology,” said Misha Schubert, CEO of Science & Technology Australia.

“Our impressive leadership in science, technology and engineering is at the forefront of solving major challenges such as manufacturing, drought resilience, robotics, space and defense technology, health, clean energy and new job creation.”

“As a member of Science & Technology Australia, we welcome these exciting centers. They participate in a community of over 90,000 STEM professionals working together through STA, the strong voice of science and technology.”

Professor Julie Owens, vice president of research at Alfred Deakin, said he was pleased that the university and its institute could provide expertise in these key areas to policy makers and the broader STEM sector.

“This partnership will further develop the continued success of STEM, which has contributed to Australia’s scientific and technological capabilities,” said Professor Owens.

“We look forward to sharing our expertise across STA’s network, from pioneering space and defense technologies to innovative mental health solutions.

“With STA, we provide an important opportunity to train and improve Deakin researchers in policy engagement and communication, and help continue to build valuable research networks and collaborations across the sector. I’m excited to partner with you. “

Institute for Frontier Materials (IFM) is Australia’s leading Center for Materials Science Research. From accelerating the development of new alloys to taking the lead in developing Australia’s carbon fiber industry, IFM focuses on the circular economy to tackle the major challenges of Australia’s major industries. is.

Under the leadership of Professor Saeid Nahavandi of the Australian Space Researcher of the Year, Deakin’s Institute for Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation (IISRI) develops robotics, tactile sensations, and human-machine interactions. A team of over 80 researchers provides actionable solutions and commercial products for the aerospace, automotive, rail, defense, security, and health industries.

Deakin’s Institute for Mental and Physical Health and Clinical Translation (IMPACT) has a great team of over 250 researchers transforming medical research into real-world solutions that span mental health, molecular medicine, food and mood. By doing so, we are making the lives of Australians better and healthier. , Population health etc.

A talented team at the Center for Regional and Rural Futures (CeRRF) works with industry, government, communities and the non-profit sector to make the Australian region sustainable and resilient. CeRRF researchers are addressing a variety of key challenges facing local and rural communities, including water availability, drought resilience, climate adaptation, and agtech.

STA welcomes four exciting new members

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