Square announces Square Marketing tools to help reopen Australian business

today, square Announced the availability of Square Marketing, an email marketing tool, for early access to Australian businesses seeking to maximize their next vacation period by navigating the reopening of the state. ..

“Australian companies have been in a difficult situation for 18 months, but we are optimistic that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and return to something closer to business as usual.” Australian Square.. “As the state opens and the holiday season approaches, Square Marketing will provide sellers with exactly what they need to grow, along with a broader product ecosystem. Restaurants share special offers and information about loyalty programs. Yes, retailers can sell more gift cards, and transactions can keep track of when customers are open. The possibilities are endless. “

“Australian companies now need tools that can generate prominent and enthusiastic customers who want to come back. Square Marketing is the latest product to do that,” said Birney.

Square Marketing helps businesses deliver everything to their customers in one place at the right time. With this tool, companies can create, send, and track email marketing campaigns in minutes, from one-off email campaigns to personalized automation, expanding reach to customers and allowing sellers to analyze critical businesses. Gain insights.

The main features of Square Marketing are:

  • Promote Buyer Engagement and ROI: Square Marketing, along with other Square customer feature tools such as Loyalty, Gift Cards, and Directory, helps businesses expand their customer base, drive repeated visits, and increase buyer spending.
  • Plan ahead, automate, and send. Companies can take advantage of Square Marketing’s automation capabilities to save time and effort by scheduling and sending emails to their customers right away.
  • Measurement of campaign results: Real-time analytics are available on the Square Marketing Dashboard for active campaigns, open and click-through rates, and sales resulting from both direct and online purchases.

“Square Marketing provides access to powerful tools that are typically reserved for enterprise-level businesses, whether they are sole proprietors in the home repair industry or food stores in multiple locations.” Says Saumil Mehta, Customer and General Manager of Customers. Square Point of Sale. “Square Marketing is integrated with corporate payments, so you can accurately associate a particular campaign with a particular sale. That is, sellers try different marketing strategies and how influential they are. Can be fully understood. That is the power of our product ecosystem. “

Square Marketing is available for early access to all current and new Square sellers and is free for the first month to support businesses that start or continue to navigate COVID restrictions. ..

To learn more about Square Marketing and sign up for Early Access, go to.

Square announces Square Marketing tools to help reopen Australian business

Source link Square announces Square Marketing tools to help reopen Australian business

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