Spendolini-Sirieix wins in front of dad on first date, Laugher wins third gold medal | Commonwealth Games 2022

Jack Laugher first appeared 8 years ago Commonwealth Games As a precocious 19-year-old, he burst onto the world stage with two gold medals at Glasgow 2014. He is now 27 and a seasoned veteran who has faced many obstacles.

Yet he continues to win. Laugher’s form exploded in the second half of the men’s 1m springboard after a timid start and helped the Commonwealth win his third straight gold medal at his Games and his seventh overall. I was. Veteran Australia’s Li Shixin won silver, while England’s Jordan Houlden won an excellent bronze in his first ever Commonwealth Games.

It wasn’t easy. Laughter struggled in the afternoon qualifying round, feeling nervous and qualifying in 4th place. He reached the final under serious pressure from his 34-year-old Lee, a two-time world champion.

But when the pressure reached its peak, the laughter soared. Holden took an early lead and chose a tactic of throwing the hardest dives first and nailing them to establish an early lead. But in the second half, Lafur distanced himself from the herd. On his fourth dive, he brilliantly executed his 2.5 pike somersault upside down, his Arsenal’s most difficult dive, to take first place. At the top, Lahuer refused to relinquish his gold medal.

He finished well, smashing the final two dives to a staggering 447 points. This puts him only 10 points higher than Lee, who has been consistent thus far. “Today I got pushed,” said Laffer.

“It was a high-scoring event and probably the highest-scoring event of the Commonwealth Games.

Laughter’s success makes all the more sense given his recent struggles with being on the verge of quitting the sport after 2019 due to anxiety and other mental health issues.

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“It was very difficult,” he said. “It’s my job, and it’s hard to do your job when you’re constantly worried.

“But I’ve come a long way. I’m looking for the right help that I need. With these wins, medals, here and there, I think they’re doing a small amount for that.”

After winning a bronze medal in the 3m springboard at last year’s Olympics, Lafur has backed up his words by talking about his return to the world. At the World Championships in June, Laugher won his three medals, his biggest ever. Now he’s his Commonwealth Games champion again.

First Dates presenter Fred Siriechs congratulates his daughter, England’s Andrea Spendrini Siriechs, on winning gold in the final of the women’s 10m platform. Photo: Mike Egerton/PA

On a night when Laugher continued his love of the Olympics, First Date star Fred Siriechs watched his daughter Andrea Spendrini Siriechs win gold in the women’s 10-meter high jump final rice field.

Sirieix shared a video clip on his Instagram of the 17-year-old competing. You can hear him rooting for her as her crowd applauds her dive.

He captioned the post. Added commonwealthgames2022 dive 10m platform, well done mondak and duck and heart emojis.

Spendolini-Sirieix topped the leaderboard with 20.20 points as teammate Lois Toulson took the silver medal.

Last year, at age 16, she finished seventh when she made her Olympic debut in Tokyo.

After winning in Birmingham, she said: Being a home game is great. It’s the first time I’ve actually gathered an audience. Because there were no spectators in Tokyo, and no other international competitions I’ve been to. big crowd.

“It was unbelievable, so much fun.

Spendolini-Sirieix wins in front of dad on first date, Laugher wins third gold medal | Commonwealth Games 2022

Source link Spendolini-Sirieix wins in front of dad on first date, Laugher wins third gold medal | Commonwealth Games 2022

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