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SpaceX rocket to orbit the world’s first civilian crew | Space

The world’s first crew of “amateur astronauts” are preparing to blow up a mission to put them into orbit before returning to Earth over the weekend.

The four civilians who spent the past few months on astronaut training courses from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 8 pm local time on Wednesday (1: 2 am UK time on Thursday) at SpaceX Falcon. It will be launched by 9 rockets.

Without glitches, two men and two women on the Inspiration 4 mission would orbit the planet for three to four days, experimenting and admiring the scenery through a glass dome attached to a dragon capsule before flying into the Atlantic Ocean. It is expected to do.

The world’s first all-citizen mission to get goingThe launch is the latest in promoting space travel virtues, following Sir Richard Branson’s July ballistic flight at Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo- Since then, there is a basis for going off course – And Jeff Bezos Blue Origin New Shepard Rocket..

The Inspiration4 crew had flight lessons, a centrifuge session to experience the G-force of launch, and hours of training in SpaceX’s capsule simulator, but the mission is almost fully automated. Capsules are intended to orbit the Earth at an altitude of 360 miles (575 km), which is about 93 miles higher than international. space station.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX announced in February that billionaire businessman Jared Isaacman, who recorded thousands of hours on various aircraft, chartered a Falcon 9 rocket for himself and three civilians. Did. He donated two seats to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, and chose Haley Arsenor, a former cancer patient at the hospital and now an employee there, to join him. 29-year-old Arceneaux will be the youngest American in orbit.

The mission also includes Dr. Sian Proctor, a geologist and science communicator who reached the final round of NASA’s 2009 astronaut selection process, and Lockheed Martin’s US Air Force veteran and aerospace engineer, Chris Sembroski. Provided a seat. A friend who won the St. Jude Charity Raffle.

The Inspiration4 mission, another mission paid by millionaires, marks a milestone in space travel. To date, not all amateur crew members have been put into orbit. “It’s the first time a global superpower hasn’t sent people into orbital space,” Isaacman said. “When this mission is complete, people will see it and say,’It was the first time people every day could go to space.'”

SpaceX is “leading the herd” of space-interested private companies, said Luis Brennan, a professor of business research at the Trinity Business School in Dublin. He likened today’s space travel to the days before low-cost carriers created the air travel mass market. “Similarly, space travel is likely to remain a wealthier reserve in the short to medium term, as it costs an exorbitant cost to the average person,” he said. “In the long run, it could be a mass market activity because of cost savings, but for now, and in the short and medium term, it will be a niche market.”

Avoiding accidents and disasters is more important than ever as the industry moves beyond national space agency contracts to tourism. “Space travel safety is a top priority, as accidents involving death or injury carry the real risk of fatally damaging the trust of future space travel customers,” said Brennan.

SpaceX rocket to orbit the world’s first civilian crew | Space

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