South Sydney is too strong for the Knights of 24-10 wins at ANZ Stadium | Newcastle Herald

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Bradman Best at the Lucky Les Knights Center could face a stint on the sideline after Newcastle limped when he lost to South Sydney 24-10 at ANZ Stadium. After being clumsyly caught in Latrel Mitchell’s tackle, he injured his ankle in the first half, but remained on the field until shortly after a half-time break and was sent off. The club is now sweating on the results of the scans that determine how serious it is. The Knights only tried 12-10 in half-time, but the bunny always seemed to be measured by the opponent without dominating after half-time. Southwinger Alex Johnson recorded a hat-trick on Field Day, but Knights’ efforts have significantly improved performance against Parramatta last Sunday. The Knights made a normal slow start and accepted the first attempt only three minutes later. It went into the set after full-back Tex Hoy dropped the Adam Reynolds bomb and put his side under all sorts of pressure near his line. South had Hui pay with the knights’ right-most defense easily exposed as winger Johnston crossed Reynolds untouched and turned wide. It was eight consecutive games that the Knights put in the opening four pointers. The Souths repelled everything Newcastle threw, and the Knights enjoyed being unable to cross the three straight sets camped on the Rabitos line. Then, in the middle of the first half, Center Best absolutely stopped certain attempts when he couldn’t place the winger Dom Young after a clear burst in front of only Latrel Mitchell. However, he made up for the error shortly after giving Young a slick pass to the tryline after stealing the cutout ball from Jake Clifford. It was the first NRL attempt by a giant Englishman in his second top-grade game. Clifford’s conversion failed, but the Knights dragged only 6-4. The suspicious penalty that prop Jacob Sifity put on the report ridiculously sacrificed Knights’ field position, leading Souths’ second try and 10-4 lead eight minutes from halftime. Again, when Johnston scored his second untouched score from the Cody Walker pass, it was Newcastle’s terrible right-end defense that was abused. However, the Knights quickly counterattacked behind Clifford’s skills. He brought the ball to the right, dodging the Souths defense early on the tackle court, and Cartman lowered the ball for a second attempt after Johnston failed to push the ball into the dead-in-goal. placed. Clifford converted to a scoreline of 12-10 during breaks. The Knights lost their best early in the second half, and only minutes later Johnston extended the Souths lead to 18-10 with a hat-trick. It was a long way for the Knights when Jaydn Su’A made a lucky attempt from Kick Ricoche in the middle of the second half and scored 24-10. News: Our journalists are working hard to bring the latest news in the region to the community. To continue to access trusted content:


South Sydney is too strong for the Knights of 24-10 wins at ANZ Stadium | Newcastle Herald

Source link South Sydney is too strong for the Knights of 24-10 wins at ANZ Stadium | Newcastle Herald

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