South Australian harvest flipped to reach record $ 2.8 billion value

South Australia’s grain harvest from 2021 to 22 is estimated to be the most valuable on record, reaching a farm value of $ 2.8 billion, according to the latest crop and pasture reports from the state government.

According to the report, South Australia’s grain production is set at 7.98 million tonnes, which is close to the 10-year average of 8 million tonnes.

Farmers in South Australia may be able to take advantage of the disadvantages of other global grain-producing countries, said David Basham, Minister of Primary Industry and Regional Development.

“Although the report emphasizes that South Australia’s grain production relies on spring rains to maintain an average, record prices for some varieties are providing strong returns to the grain industry.” Basham said.

“The report estimates that an area of ​​3.9 million hectares was sown. This is above the long-term average, despite 70% of the area sown dry. Rainfall in mid-June After arriving late, above-average rainfall in July contributed significantly to crop colonization and soil hydration. “

According to Basham, the deeper soil moisture from these rains supported the crops in the spring, but it was below the average August rain and continued to dry in early September, so it was time to end the season. It is emphasized that good spring rain is needed.

“According to the report, crops in most areas have average to above average yields, with the exception of Northern Murray Marie, which has recorded below average harvestability, and parts of northern north.” He said.

“Soil moisture in Lower Murray and Southern Murray Marie is also poor. Many farmers choose to sow barley because of the late start, and the area under the wheat is close to average. High canola price outlook Producers provided incentives to stick to their crops, and reduced demand significantly reduced the sowing area of ​​barley for export. “

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South Australian harvest flipped to reach record $ 2.8 billion value

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