Soul Kollective: Providing a Merewether Base for Mothers in Business

Supporting young mothers in business is Jacey Stanley’s passion.

So the decision to open Soul Collective was very easy, she says.

“When something is intended, it just falls in place,” she said.

Based in Merewether, Jacey’s latest business venture is a collaborative space with a variety of Newcastle SME products, all owned by a local mother.

From clothing and accessories to gift ideas, books, oils and candles, the pastel-colored historic monument with a classic “corner store atmosphere” is a new home with a unique business concept.

“Currently, we have 20 companies in-house,” says Jasey.

“Everyone shares business space, ideas, and positive energy.

“In May 2020, there were only three or four.”

After closing the door for 10 weeks during the pandemic, the former location of the Newcastle merry-go-round on the railroad street has been transformed into a retail space shared by various local small business owners.

“I originally called Tegan (the previous owner of the store) to ask about including my photo business on the site, but she told me she was selling, and I Hazy: “Okay, I’ll take it.”

“It was literally an opportunity to fall on my lap.”

Opened in May 2020 after the refurbishment, Soul Collective was “launched for mothers to share shifts and workloads and spend time with their children and life,” says Jasey.

“I love supporting characters and share them with other companies.

“I’m not an expert, but I love sharing what I’ve done and bouncing ideas from other mothers. It’s in mutual favor.”

When Jacey took over the management of the store, she rebranded it and visually established a new start.

“The aggregate with the’K’is a tribute to my mother, Kimbo,” she said.

“And I wanted something to show that we are all beautiful souls, all these businesses and all mothers.

“When she was just starting out, she was exhausted if her mother had to open her own store to sell her products and still have to manage her family life well.

“It’s about timing. It has to be the right time, and it’s about finding the right balance.

“I would be happy if one of them could find the right balance by working with the other mothers.”

The space may have similar items in stock, but the group shares a commitment to sell the same items and not overlap.

“Similar things are fine, but you can’t make the same thing,” Jacey said.

“Because it is a collaboration space, we aim to maintain fairness.”

That’s not the only shared philosophy of her.

“We have a random kindness initiative every week,” she said.

“I send what I buy or donate from one of the companies in the store to a random shopper. Call them and say,” I’m a little kind here. “

“It’s very good to share kindness for half the time they’re so overwhelmed, it really is.”

Soul Kollective is open from 9am to 4pm on weekdays and from 9am to 1pm on weekends.

Retail sales are the job of small business owners in the store who share responsibility.

The group also hosts exhibition nights, the community library, and Santa’s letterbox.

On Friday, March 26th, Soul Collective will host shopping and champers nights.See that website For more information.

Soul Kollective: Providing a Merewether Base for Mothers in Business

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