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Sophie Ellis-Bexter and Janet Ellis: “Having a famous mother was a valuable currency when I was little” | Family

NSSophie Ellis Bextor, located in Hounslow, western London in 1979, is the daughter of broadcaster Janet Ellis and director and producer Robin Bextor. The sunny face of children’s television, especially Blue Peter, spent most of his career on screen until it was released. Butchers hook, The first of two acclaimed novels in 2016.Meanwhile, Sophie’s artistic pursuit began as the band’s indie darling. audience, Before the stratospheric summer hits Groovejet (if you don’t like this) In 2000 she pushed her into the mainstream. During the British blockade in 2020, her livestreamed kitchen disco saw her perform songs from six solo albums. Her memoirs, spinning plates: Thoughts on Men, Music and Motherhood will be released on October 7th. She lives in London with her husband and five sons. Janet lives nearby.


From the ages of 5 to 7, before my brothers and sisters arrived, I was the only mom and I.She just got a job Blue Peter, And all my friends were watching it. I always wanted to take what she was making home, but sometimes she did it: there was a really cool Cindy doll bathroom with even a small bar of soap, flannel and towels. bottom. I liked it. In the photo, I am 5 years old. You can see the chickenpox wreckage still healed on my face. Curiously, I can remember the top I’m wearing and how it feels. That 80’s fashion sowed my wardrobe. If you look on eBay, you’ll probably still bid.

Having a famous mother was a valuable currency when I was little. People you just met will want to be friends right away. But that wasn’t always good. “In fact, you may be a little crazy and bragging about your mom,” he says.sell Blue Peter Playground badge: The badge is 50p. For £ 1 you can also get a signed photo. But I don’t think I’ve actually received any rewards. What is a 6 year old kid who goes to school for a spare exchange? Some people have borrowed 50 pence from me.

By the time I started secondary school, that was old news. I met a whole new group of fellow private secondary students whose parents registered me very generously. It was clearly to welcome me into academia. But when I joined the band and said, “I’m not going to Uni, I’m going to the NME Brat Bus Tour,” it was surprisingly okay.

Being at Theaudience was a light bulb moment for me. That’s what I want to do! Of course, the media still raised a lot of my mother. That’s the point of a nifty story, and while I understand why, it’s frustrating after a while.

It was a time of media turmoil, dominated by men and Radet culture. I often felt that the Blue Peter reference was used as a small bargain. “Don’t step in here and be a mysterious or trustworthy person of your own.” I remember Never Mind the Buzzcocks and Mum appearing one after another. First, you sit there. Huh. But the joke is that they’re trying to keep going until you break and get into a storm. It’s really like bullying.

I last held up after Theaudience was dropped. Someone on my team told me: Dead. No one cares. After spending a year, let’s go to Uni. I thought the greatest success of my career was over, and I just hit 20. It was pretty scary.

My mother and I had a lot of conversations. She was watching how I was dealing with it. But when Groovejet came out, I suddenly had something to note about clinging. I couldn’t believe I was signed as a solo artist. I just thought: Isn’t it lucky that I’m singing again? It was also said as follows. You can keep your little stupid joke. I’m soaked in Ibiza. “

In addition to the blockade, he lost his stepfather John to cancer in 2020. Kitchen disco stream It was a coping mechanism on YouTube. When I did the first one, I thought people would take Mickey. I was 41 years old and wore a sequined catsuit. The children were rolling everywhere. But the reception was great. It has such a vulnerability and I often cried at the last song.

My mother and I now live 10 separated from each other. She has a great relationship with all five grandchildren. Our parenting style is virtually the same. My mother always kept the conversation very open, but I’m within the parameters of what’s appropriate for any age. This obviously means that everything is now a fair game.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have such a relationship with their mother. She is all my recourse.


Sophie’s father and I were separated by the time this photo was taken. My main focus was to make sure she was protected. Things in her world remained as stable as possible, but not capricious. It didn’t matter to sit down and say, “Mummy and dad decided …”. I knew she was smart. It was about keeping things fluid.

I was 23 when Soph was there. My friend hadn’t given birth yet. I thought I was the smartest person to get pregnant. She wasn’t completely planned. In fact, when I first told the doctor, to the funny old man, that I was a little sick, he said: A typical gallstone! “

Obviously, I quickly understood what was happening. I got pregnant pretty easily and ate with about 7 people. Eleven weeks after she was born, I went to audition for a BBC children’s show. Jigsaw puzzle.. Fortunately, the writer loved babies. I think that’s why he hired me.

I had a period of unemployment. There was a time when Sophie was thin in her childhood. But I always felt something would come out, and fortunately it is. I wasn’t the first presenter of Blue Peter when I joined, but I probably couldn’t name anyone else because it wasn’t part of the story of the program. Our role was my sister. However, Sophie is still displayed on the screen. She modeled a snood made from wipes and dressed in a once-reused trash bag, ushering in a rough end to the deal.

When Sophie was eight, she became a target for many older children and she found her attractive. But that was all for the wrong reason. That’s because her mom was on TV. I had to say, “Yes, they are nice people, but let’s invite them to play instead.” I didn’t want her to feel like she did something wrong, but I certainly didn’t want to encourage it.

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When Sophie joined the band, I had widespread support. I knew she would understand if that didn’t work: At the time, people commented that at least she was in the “world you understand,” but that wasn’t true. The music industry is very different from what I have come across. I wrote my first novel late, so I thought the publisher would laugh at me, but it’s a very welcome world. Music is not like that. It’s an industry where you’re judged to be 50% by your appearance and 50% by your talent. I didn’t want to give her a lecture, but of course there were things we had to do right in the process. Misogyny should not be ignored. I’m always disappointed when a woman of my age does the opposite of this strange thing.he was Handjob on the bus! You just had to laugh! No, it was never okay. That wasn’t the case at the time, and it’s still not the case.

Sophie and I definitely share a sense of humor and we decorate our homes the same way. Neither of us could claim to be minimalist. My poor husband John, who died last year, had a white wall in our house and I couldn’t wear anything.

At Sof, I recognize the spirit of relatives. I’m definitely not her best friend, but I’m very proud to be her mother. We can always catch each other’s eyes in a busy room and know exactly what is happening.

Sophie Ellis-Bexter and Janet Ellis: “Having a famous mother was a valuable currency when I was little” | Family

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