Somali army clashes with former allies, killing 30 people

At least 30 people were killed and more than 100 were injured in a fierce battle between the Somali Armed Forces and Somalia’s former ally in Garmudugu, Ahlu Sunna Wal Jammer, according to residents and hospital officials.

According to analysts and residents, the clash in Gurriel’s second-largest district risks distracting both groups from the fight against al-Shabaab.

Residents said the series of battles began early on Saturday and lasted until Sunday.

“I know 27 of them and I’m confident that more than 30 have died because I belong to both groups,” Elder Fara Abdullah told Reuters.

His estimates were repeated by 10 residents interviewed individually by Reuters.

Neither the Army nor ASWJ were asked to comment.

ASWJ is a group of moderate Sufi Muslims who have played an important role in the fight against the al-Shabaab rebellion.

However, tensions between armed groups and the federal government have been built for years.

The ASWJ has accused the government of not doing enough to fight al-Shabaab, and the government has accused ASWJ of acting without permission.

Tensions came to mind earlier this month when the Federal Army launched what was called a preemptive strike against ASWJ.

ASWJ repelled the attack and captured Gurriel. The residents of Gurriel welcomed the group.

A relative told Reuters that the person who died in the weekend battle was Abdi Radif Faif, a senior SNA officer who was a commander of the Danab army trained in the United States.

The town’s Fayokea Hospital accepted 30 people injured in the fighting, and the town’s Stalin Hospital also accepted 10 people, hospital officials said.

Hanano Hospital in a nearby town has accepted 60 people, officials said.

SNA also airlifted an injured soldier’s plane to the capital, airport workers told Reuters.

Defense Minister Ahlu Sunna Wallim Fiki resigned earlier this month because federal officials refused to listen to his plea not to attack ASWJ.

“Many regions and the whole country of Garmudugu are under al-Shabaab. The commander of SNA is slaughtering ASWJ, famous for destroying the town of Gurriel and eliminating al-Shabaab,” he said. Said on Saturday.

Late Saturday, al-Shabaab militants mortared at Garmudugu Airport, airport workers said, exacerbating fears that the group would take advantage of chaotic combat.

“The intensification of the conflict between ASWJ and the government does not undermine other priorities, such as the progress of elections and the fight against al-Shabaab,” said Omar Mahmood, an analyst at Somalia’s International Crisis Group think tank. But it’s distracting. “

Somali army clashes with former allies, killing 30 people

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