Socceroos 3-0 Nepal: Lekki scores again as Australia takes the lead

New Socceroos captain Mathew Leckie continued to score hot as Green and Gold secured the top spot in the World Cup qualifying group after defeating Nepal 3-0 in Kuwait on Saturday morning (AEST).

Australia has already secured their position in the next phase of WCQ Win Chinese Taipei On Tuesday, Recky scored his fifth goal in seven Socceroos games to get his team to the best possible start.

Australia’s first goal against impressive right-back Fran Karačić continued before Martin Boyle scored a third goal in the second half.

It wasn’t a particularly impressive performance from the Graham Arnold side against the resolute Nepalese side who ranked 171st in the FIFA rankings, but it was a comfortable 3 points in the bag.

Socceroos’ first goal was heavily distributed to Aziz Behich on the left side in the 6th minute after his debut Connor Metcalfe scored a 50-50 ball in the middle.

On delivery to Australia’s first dangerous box, Behich’s cut-out cross met Lekki’s head. Soccer skipper did not give Nepalese goalkeeper Kailan Chemjeong a chance.

Green and Gold kept pushing the second point as Ajdin Hrustic used a trick to create space outside the box, but his shot stabbed straight into the keeper’s arm.

However, Socceroos met a well-organized Nepalese team. They were defensively resolute, even though they did not provide much attack.

Like Kuwait in the first game, Hrustic had a chance to score a free kick from outside the area, but his curled shots around the wall were comfortably claimed by opposition stoppers.

It took the shadow of half-time to expand Australia’s advantage. After a great job by Recky in the lower right, Karasic clinically found the lower corner.

The climbing mountain in Nepal was made even bigger with a break stroke as Rohit Chand appeared bright red as he minimized contact with the falling boil that was breaking through the goal.

Australia quickly stepped on its forefoot in the second stanza and had some close chances before breaking the third defense of Nepal.

Jackson Irvine sent Boyle a great pass at the back post and tapped in easily, proving that the combination between Hibernian teammates was once again effective.

Harry Souttar almost achieved his sixth Socceroos goal with his fourth cap, but the flick header from the corner bounced off the post and was cleared by the unsiege Nepalese defense.

Socceroos made several changes in the second half and suffered from the rhythm of the attack on 10 Nepals, and there is no doubt that they will be disappointed that they did not score any more goals.

Australia will be completed Second stage of AFC World Cup qualifying Play against Jordan on Wednesday morning (AEST).

Socceroos 3-0 Nepal: Lekki scores again as Australia takes the lead

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