Snapchat launches camera to save Great Barrier Reef

NS Liv Croagh December 2, 2021 Read for 2 minutes

The Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest coral reef, is under threat from climate change. Snapchat worked with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation to call for action to raise awareness.

Launched on December 2, 2021, this campaign harnesses the power of Snapchat’s cameras and their augmented reality (AR) technology. Snap Chatters around the world can pledge through AR Face + World Lens and Water Segmentation Lens. The lens shows the impact of climate change on coral reefs and how they can be protected.

The campaign, launched by the Foundation to reach its goal of planting one million corals this summer, is amplified globally with Face + World Lens by the power of Snapmap, with 306 million people daily. It provides snap chatter with the opportunity to experience and share lenses. Their pledge in AR.

Swipe up on the lens and Snapchatters will help you plant corals by entering details and joining the community. The user then learns about repair work and damage on the reef. This helps turbocharge the Foundation’s goal of achieving 10 million heat-resistant corals on coral reefs. Amplified across the platform, it has the opportunity to reach 306 million users per day.

Activation is amplified globally with Face + World Lens through the power of Snapmap, giving 306 million snap chatters a day the opportunity to experience the lens and share their pledges in AR.

This isn’t the first time Snap has created a campaign to raise awareness of the climate crisis. Last year, we announced our first climate strategy, which promises carbon neutrality and 100% renewable electricity. In October 2021, Snap announced a further commitment to negatively impact the net carbon of its business by 2030.

Anna Marsden, Managing Director of the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, said of the partnership: Climate change is the greatest threat to our coral reefs, and this is an important decade for urgent action. However, reducing emissions alone is no longer sufficient to guarantee the survival of the reef, so we want to help the reef resist, adapt and recover from the warmer temperatures already caused by climate change. It is working. ”

Snapchat launches camera to save Great Barrier Reef

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