SMC Corporation says “business as usual” when it comes to customer training

Despite the turmoil caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, training remains firmly at the forefront of SMC Corporation Australia New Zealand’s customer value proposition.

“SMC supports all products in training,” said William Lebihan, Head of Field Sales at SMC Corporation.

“In addition to basic product training, we offer pneumatic, hydraulic and mechatronics courses and sell training equipment to universities and technical institutions.”

In addition to on-site training at both SMC’s offices and customer facilities, SMC, along with the Outsource Institute (AUS), introduced the Blended Learning Initiative in 2020.

“The transition to virtual support has been accepted by us around the world,” says Lebihan.

“Learners (customers) attending SMC’s training courses no longer have to leave the workplace for five consecutive days. Thanks to this new service, one and a half days have been allocated to the practical components of the course. While you are, you can carry out the theory from the comfort of your home or office. “

This mixed solution provides flexibility and highlights from a more practical perspective on what SMC’s International Training Department can offer its customers.

“Learners also have access to a wealth of free resources, such as product animations and other downloads. There is also a host of information accessible through. SMC International Training LinkedIn Page, “said Levihan.

Did Industry 4.0 raise Ante?

Over time, William adds that there is a high demand for training linked to IO-link capabilities and Industry 4.0 technology. “Learners can access the factory of future training systems and interact directly through virtual connections.”

Courses and qualifications offered through the Outsource Institute (AUS)

SMC’s P1 and P2 pneumatic training courses are compliant with the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF). The Outsource Institute is a Recovery Training Objective (RTO) that provides training and assessments in units of competencies MEM18018 (P1) and MEM18019 (P2) that form part of the Engineering Certificate IV.

“Successfully completed, students may be awarded a nationally recognized achievement statement for either of the capabilities of both units, or continue to work towards the completion of Engineering Certificate IV. You can do that, “he concludes.

SMC Corporation says “business as usual” when it comes to customer training

Source link SMC Corporation says “business as usual” when it comes to customer training

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