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On Saturday morning, spectators gathered in Maitland to meet SKY-HIGH’s expectations and see seven-story inflatable marine mammals fly. The crowd at the number one sports ground was in awe of the famous visual artist Patricia Piccinini, who left the ground around 6 am when a sculpture of hot air was formed in the brilliance of the sunrise. “The sky was so beautiful and the colors of the whales magically echoed,” Ms. Pichinini told Newcastle Herald. “Mateland is a very nice place and it really affirmed my life to be there and see so many people enjoying their work in a very positive energy environment.” The flight really depends on the weather. It makes me feel very grateful if nature can move us forward. Approximately 5,000 people registered and made the most of the huge works of art. In a world of many cancellations, Ms Piccinini said she was grateful that the outdoor nature of the event made it possible. The works that come to mind are described by the artist as “a little weird”, but in a way that draws you in and stimulates interest in them and their relationships. “The first balloon-Sky Whale-was made in 2013 and everything is mysterious. It’s an element of nature, evolution and fertility,” said Pichinini. “I was thinking about whales and how this mammal adapted to live in the ocean, including heart rate, though it’s unlikely that these amazing creatures have evolved to live in the sky. Skywhale and recently introduced Skywhalepapa are part of the National Gallery’s tour event-Skywhales: All Hearts Sing. “The second balloon is a direct response to the demands I’ve been getting for the first whale,” Piccinini said. “As the mother of the first whale kept asking where the children were, I created a father and children to complement the first balloon.” Skywhalepapa recognizes the idea of ​​care and its importance. We are working on the rise of. The role of a compassionate father. “The two balloons have this relationship where people can ask all sorts of questions about life and nature.” News: Our journalists are working hard to bring the latest news in the region to the community. Is working. To continue to access trusted content:


Skywhales: Patricia Piccinini’s Awe-inspiring Maitland | Newcastle Herald

Source link Skywhales: Patricia Piccinini’s Awe-inspiring Maitland | Newcastle Herald

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