Sisters In Law: Legal advice on refunds for the Music Festival Splendor in the Grass

Welcome to Sisters In Law. A weekly column on solves all legal issues. This week, the lawyer and her real sisters, Allison and Gillian Barrett of Maurice Blackburn, advise on getting a refund after the music festival.


I went with my friends The splendor of Byron’s grass last weekend And that was a disaster! We had a weekend ticket with camping and spent more time queuing than enjoying music. On Friday, there were many lines of cars entering the campsite and I sat for more than five hours. Then on Friday night, the music on the main stage was canceled anyway.

At this point we decided to quit camping and stay with a nearby aunt.

I was queuing for the bus to enter the festival on Saturday, so I waited for more than 5 hours for the bus to leave on Saturday night.

I was exhausted, but for all the wrong reasons. What are my rights if I want a refund or at least a partial refund? – – Jasmine, Queensland


As you know, Jasmine had thousands of people caught up in the turmoil of the splendor in the grass caused by unexpected weather events.

The event organizer has issued a statement stating that some refunds (including some refunds) will be processed for certain ticket owners.

The important question is what is well provided.

As all Friday headline acts have been cancelled, the event organizer has announced a full refund to Friday ticket owners (general admission, VIP event tickets, bus tickets, day parking).

Those who have a 3-day festival ticket will be offered a proportional refund (that is, one-third of the cost of the ticket).

Finally, Saturday bus tickets that have been waiting for more than 5 hours will be refunded.

The event organizer will allow the camp if the ticket owner decides not to stay, or an admission ticket, bus or parking ticket if the ticket owner finds too much rain or mud and decides not to attend the event at all. We do not promise to refund to the ticket owner.

To understand whether you are eligible for a refund in addition to what is offered, you need to understand the basics of Australian Consumer Law that regulates this situation.

Under that law, you are entitled to repairs, replacements, or refunds in the event of problems with the product or service you paid for.

Obviously, in the festival ticket situation, refunds are the only viable option, given that it was a one-time event and was not postponed to another date.

Beneficially, the law outlines certain warranties or warranties that protect you, and companies may not change these warranties or force you to waive your rights.

When you buy a ticket, there are “fine print” that outlines various conditions that cannot be violated by the law, and if you do, the event organizer cannot enforce them.

In short, if the fine print says something like “no refund under any circumstances”, this is not enforceable.

The festival ticket agent, Moshtix, should be the first point of contact for requesting Friday event tickets and Saturday bus refunds. This should be relatively easy.

The Great Organizer invites anyone who thinks they are eligible for a further refund to contact them directly.

In your situation, this is related to a refund of the camp fee if you choose not to camp, and Saturday ticket costs if you miss some action due to a bus delay during your trip to the festival May be part of.

When you contact the organizer, you should contact them in writing and explain in detail why you think you are eligible for a refund.

The law requires that you must indicate that the event has undergone major changes or confusion and you are no longer able to participate in or enjoy the advertised content in order to receive a refund.

Event organizers are obliged to provide a safe environment and venue. As such, there are genuine health and safety concerns specific to you, and if you choose not to camp for these, you are entitled to an additional refund beyond what is offered.

If you have any supporting documents (such as a letter from your doctor), you should include them in your refund request as well.

For example, if you’re worried about getting a cold or Covid-19 because you’re not camping, you don’t need to get a refund.

Regarding the delay in arriving at the festival due to Saturday’s procession and bus, if you miss part of the event because of this, it’s enough to request a partial refund to represent what you missed. There will be a reason.

Finally, if you paid for your ticket with a credit card (or debit card), you should immediately consider submitting a “chargeback” request to your bank. They can investigate and carry out disputes for you.

You can further investigate your rights by contacting the consumer agency in your state.

This legal information is general in nature and should not be considered or trusted as specific legal advice. Anyone who needs specific legal advice should consult a lawyer.

If you have any legal questions that you would like Alison and Gillian to answer, please email us.

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at first Can I get a refund after participating in Splendor in the Grass?

Sisters In Law: Legal advice on refunds for the Music Festival Splendor in the Grass

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