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Singapore is looking at ways to simplify the COVID-19 pandemic protocol, which many city-states find complex. This includes whether to continue testing for people who do not show symptoms of the disease.

The majority of infected people were mild or asymptomatic, and Singapore had fully vaccinated 82% of its population, but the country returned to more stringent measures this week following record new daily cases. I did.

The government has recently stepped up testing to reduce cases, but experts have questioned the need for aggressive testing in asymptomatic people.

Of the recent cases, over 98% were mild or asymptomatic.

Some recent changes to the rules for testing and separation have also created confusion and frustration among Singaporeans.

“We are reviewing all protocols. One of the areas we are considering is how to deal with people who are completely asymptomatic and whether they need to be tested,” said the Ministry of Health. Kenneth Mack, director of medical care at Service told reporters.

The government has repeatedly stated that it has no plans to mandate vaccination, as shots involving Pfizer and Modana have only been tentatively approved, but the situation will be reassessed if full approval is obtained. Added.

Authorities also announced a number of changes to the COVID-19 travel rules, including requiring all work and student visa holders to be fully vaccinated before arriving in the city-state starting next month.

Singapore will also reduce the quarantine period for travelers who currently have to work 14 days to 10 days, the Ministry of Health said in a statement.

The ministry added that countries deploying a third dose of the vaccine for the elderly will probably expand boosters for health care and frontline workers.

The country reported a record 2909 new infections on Friday, and the Ministry of Health estimated that it could reach 5,000 per day by mid-October, but most affected people had symptoms. It may be absent or mild.

Singapore reviews COVID-19 protocol | PerthNow

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