Simone Biles police officers for vulgar abuse labeled “weak” after withdrawal

Within 24 hours of competing in the 2018 World Championships in Doha, Simone Biles visited the emergency room to investigate her stomach pain.

The doctor found a kidney stone.

Biles decided not to remove it. She was discharged in the short hours of the morning and was still suffering, but still determined to compete.

“Kidney stones can wait,” she said.

Due to gymnastics doping rules, she was unable to take appropriate painkillers.

“The pain came like a wave. I was walking around, but it was so painful that I was literally crawling on the floor,” she later revealed.

no matter. Since 2013, these world championships have moved towards the same relentless conclusions as all the other major competitions Biles fought.She landed a move that her peers couldn’t even try, won four gold medals, and won the American team. Largest winning margin ever Under the latest sports scoring system.

That same year, Biles broke his toes and won the US Championship.

This is the woman the critics are now branding “weak” When “Non-smokers” After she withdrew from the Tokyo Olympics.

“I must focus on my mental health and not endanger my health and well-being,” Biles said after the United States won a silver medal without her on Tuesday.

“When you’re fighting with your own head, it’s just terrible.”

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Simone Biles.Photo: Laurence Griffith / Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

The elegance of gymnastics can obscure how punished it is. Elite gymnasts like Biles wear down their bodies in search of perfection. Often causes lifelong health problems due to self-harm..

“Pain is just what I live with, and it’s pretty weird for my age, isn’t it? If I don’t feel pain, it feels weird.” Biles once said.. She was 22 at the time.

“I was very lucky to be injured, but there were a few things. I have a calf that was partially torn a couple of times. I broke my ribs in 2016. And yeah, after the last Olympics. I found out that my toes broke into five without my knowledge.

“It was weird. I had it for years and told people that it would fall. One day I took an X-ray of it and they said how bad it was I was asking. I had it for about 2 years.

“If you’re always jumping in the air, sometimes gravity says no.”

Biles has been against gravity and her body since the age of six.

She is arguably the best gymnast of all time, with 27 gold medals and five world championship titles in the cabinet. Four movements named after her.. It’s been eight years since she lost the all-purpose competition.

Federer has Nadal and Djokovic. James has Jordan. Woods has Nicklaus. Williams has a courtroom. Biles has no rival, no cloud of doubt, comparable to her position in history.

No one has performed such a dangerous routine in a sport where even the slightest mistake can cause catastrophic injuries. Every millisecond available, there are many mortal twists and somersaults.

Raw talent alone cannot reach that level of skill. It costs something.

“Oh, this body. It starts when you wake up. The bones tremble so you can tell immediately if it’s cold,” Biles said.

“I make a lot of jokes to my friends that I’m going to be in a wheelchair at the age of 30. My body probably feels like I’m in my thirties or forties. Maybe it’s old. Some of them scream at me. I am. “

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Imagine doing it on your body, overcoming pain, and performing impossible movements perfectly over and over again. And the world is always looking forward to it.

Then add the immeasurable emotional sacrifice of surviving sexual abuse.

Biles is one of more than 150 women who have been abused as girls by former US team doctor Larry Nassar. Who is currently serving life imprisonment..

For decades she has used her profile as the greatest star in American gymnastics to drive reforms in the broken system that protected Nasar and other abusers. That’s one of the reasons she’s still competing for gymnastics at the age of 24.

“If there weren’t any survivors left in the sport, they would just shook it,” she explained in April.

Biles had previously talked about the extreme trauma she suffered and began taking anxiety medications for treatment.

“I remember telling my mother and agent that I was always asleep because it was basically better to sleep than to leave myself,” she said in a documentary series. Simone vs herself..

“I was so depressed that I didn’t want to leave the room and I didn’t want to go anywhere, so I kept everyone out.”

It’s definitely a kind of pressure that Biles has dealt with since he was a teenager.

Biles’ life has never been so easy. Photo: Loic Venance / AFPSource: AFP

And still.

“”Simone Biles is a resign, ”Amber Ashy declared in audience yesterday.

“Biles may be the most skilled gymnast ever, but the true champion is the one who works hard in the face of fierce competition.”

Right-wing talking head Charlie Kirk called Biles “immature,” “selfish social illness,” and “shame on the country.”

“We are raising a weaker generation like Simone Biles,” Kirk said. His own record of strength and patience is limited to dropping out of college.

“Simone Biles has shown to the rest of the country that when things get tough, you break into millions.”

Write for Federalist, John Davidson Also took a view Biles’ withdrawal was a sign of broader weakness in society as a whole.

“Our society is beginning to confuse mental health with mental toughness, or grit. Public figures are often rewarded for taking care of their” mental health “without any kind of mental illness. Will be done, “he said.

“Bile does not suffer from any particular mental illness, at least not what we know or have ever appeared.

“It wasn’t what she experienced. It was more common among professional athletes. She was excited. She wasn’t mentally tough when needed.

“Instead of being ashamed of it or apologizing to his teammates and compatriots, Biles seemed to enjoy taking care of her” mental health “whatever it meant. “

In any sense. seriously.

Another example. Piers Morgan, Eager to slam the athlete To prioritize her mental health Biles said, “I gave up on the first hurdle.” In Tokyo.

“The Olympics are the pinnacle of sport and the ultimate test of any athlete. They should be very hard, very tough, physical, mental, and the other way you want to name them.” The British broadcaster writes.

“I liked the old Simone, which does whatever it takes to win.”

He went on to criticize those who praised her choice, saying they were celebrating “defeat, failure, resignation as a result of victory, success, and resilience.”

“I’m sorry if I offended the virtues of Twitter’s snowflake virtues, but I don’t think it’s too brave, heroic, or inspiring to quit.”

The best gymnast ever – and, according to some, those who quit.Photo: Laurence Griffith / Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

I have an idea here. Perhaps our first instinct is not to offend her when a long-established and proven champion who has successfully dealt with immeasurable pressure tells us that she is suffering from mental health. To believe.

It’s important to remember that athletes are humans, not emotionless automata.

As former Biles teammate Aly Raisman said yesterday, “she knows her body and mind better than anyone else.” We can certainly guess exactly what she is experiencing, but only she knows.

This is what the rest of us can certainly collect. As Morgan argued, Biles did not quit on Tuesday’s “first hurdle.” It ignores the entire context of her decision, assuming she was completely fine until she packed one attempt in the vault. It ignores a lifetime of almost insurmountable hurdles, such as physical and mental pain and trauma, at a level that most of us have never experienced.

You don’t have to admire her withdrawal, which eventually blinded her teammates in the middle of the competition. But how difficult is it to show a fragment of empathy?

“We are humans, aren’t we? We are humans. No one is perfect,” said the great Olympic correspondent Michael Phelps yesterday, a fairly eloquent correspondent on the NBC.

“It doesn’t have to be okay. It’s okay to go through ups and downs and emotional roller coasters.”

Andrea Oris, a former gymnast and current coach, is not as famous as Phelps, but her words are also worth reading.

“It’s very frustrating to see comments that Simone isn’t mentally tough enough or is leaving the team.” Oris wrote..

“We’re talking about the same girl who was molested by a team doctor from childhood to teens. She won the World Championship title while passing through kidney stones. A year of pandemic her body. The judge literally doesn’t know how to properly assess her skills, as she has added so many difficulties to her routine that she is far ahead of her time.

“Some people can still say it honestly,” Simone Biles is soft. She quit. By the age of 24, the girl had endured more trauma than most people would experience in their lifetime.

“The fact that she got out of the competition for her own benefit after all the achievements she pushed must be insurmountable and should be taken seriously. It means that there is. “

Simone Biles is not weak. She is humanGiven that we are talking about sports Has a long history of star dehumanization and abuse It may be time to admit that their health is more important than any gold medal for our entertainment.


Simone Biles police officers for vulgar abuse labeled “weak” after withdrawal

Source link Simone Biles police officers for vulgar abuse labeled “weak” after withdrawal

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