Shanghai inching towards the blockade exit

Shanghai has carefully pursued plans to restore parts of its transportation network as a major step towards breaking out of the week-long blockade of COVID-19. Meanwhile, Beijing continued to defend itself with a month-long outbreak.

The blockade of Shanghai since early April has had a major economic impact on China’s most populous cities, agitated the debate over the sustainability of the country’s Zero-COVID policy, and aroused fears of future blockades and turmoil. rice field.

Unlike financial hubs, Beijing is refraining from imposing a city-wide blockade, reporting dozens of new cases a day, compared to tens of thousands in peak Shanghai. Still, the curbs and endless mass tests imposed on the Chinese capital have destabilized China’s economy and disrupted the lives of its people.

As Beijing continued to suffer from the virus, Shanghai workers were disinfecting subway stations and trains on Sunday before planning to restore four subway lines.

The service will be limited in time, but it will allow residents to move between districts and meet the needs of connecting to a railway station and one of the two airports in the city.

Emphasizing the level of attention, Shanghai officials said commuters would need to be scanned for abnormally high body temperatures to show negative results in PCR tests performed within 48 hours. ..

Shanghai discovered 868 new local cases on Friday, compared to 858 the day before, city health officials said on Saturday, far from the peak of daily cases last month.

Outside the quarantine area, health officials added that no new cases were found, down from the three cases a day ago.

The 25 million city has gradually reopened shopping malls, convenience stores and wholesale markets, allowing more people to leave their homes.

Still, Shanghai tightened strict restraints on Friday in two of the 16 districts.

Authorities “call on companies to strictly implement safe production, especially to meet epidemic prevention and management requirements,” a city emergency official said at a press conference.

Delta Air Lines announced on Friday that it will resume one daily flight from Shanghai to Detroit via Seoul on Wednesday.

Most of Beijing’s recent incidents have already taken place in closed areas, but authorities are keeping the edge and acting swiftly under China’s ultra-strict policies.

Shanghai inching towards the blockade exit

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