Shanghai breaks out of the COVID-19 blockade

China’s pandemic financial hub, Shanghai, has announced more post-blockade plans to return to normal, but the nationwide economic recovery is still far away and more. There is a growing sense of urgency for support.

Shanghai, which is scheduled to officially escape from the blockade on June 1, will carefully ease the curb of COVID-19, let more people go on adventures, and return cars and cars to the once crowded streets. Can now be done.

City officials said Thursday that middle school and high school students could return to offline classes from June 6th.

Cities of 25 million reported on Thursday that there were 338 new local infections on May 25, the lowest since mid-March, from tens of thousands of peak outbreaks in April. far cry.

China’s largest city of economic output is suffering from the blockade imposed in early April. Other cities, including the capital Beijing, which have not been blocked but are still suffering from severe measures, are also struggling to keep their local economies upright.

Prime Minister Li Keqiang said Wednesday that he had a harsh view of the world’s second-largest economy, with some more financial difficulties than the country’s first outbreak in 2020.

Many private sector economists expect GDP to shrink from a year ago to April to June, with first-quarter growth of 4.8%.

China will strive to achieve “reasonable” GDP growth in the second quarter, Lee told thousands of government officials across China at an online conference.

Due to the blockade of Shanghai and the surrounding cities, domestic air traffic plummeted. According to Shanghai-based China Eastern Airlines, passenger numbers in April fell by 90.7% year-on-year.

Shanghai breaks out of the COVID-19 blockade

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