Shane Warne’s Seven Zero Eight Jin gets a new victory

Shane Warne, who turned from an international sportsman to a businessman, celebrated yet another victory, but this time with the globally acclaimed Seven Zero Eight 43% Classic Dry Jin.

Judging by a prestigious panel of veterans in the gin industry, Jin has won two consecutive gold awards at the Australian Gin Awards 2021 and a medium-strength gin-like spirit, SevenZeroEight 23% LIGHT, and a silver award in bronze. Did. Limited Edition Shiraz Barrel Gin, Seven Zero Eight RESERVE Award.

These timely victories preceded International Gin and Tonic Day on October 19th.

“We are very honored to be recognized by industry-leading experts,” said Warne.

“Our team at WA strives for quality, consistency and sustainability in every product in our collection. We can’t be more proud of their achievements at this year’s Australian Gin Awards.

“If you haven’t had a chance to try Seven Zero Eight Gin, give it a try right away. It’s really special.”

Manufactured in Western Australia, SevenZeroEight 43% ABV Classic Drygin uses the latest distillation technology. A blend of junipers, herbs and spices that is infused and distilled for 24 hours to create a rich botanical spirit. The spirit is then skillfully blended with purified water for a month to ensure a smooth, premium product with a balanced flavor profile.

For those looking for a lighter side, Warn and his distillery team have developed Australia’s first medium-strength gin-inspired spirit, SevenZeroEight 23% LIGHT. Shane wanted a medium-strength gin that he could drink without feeling guilty while enjoying a long afternoon watching sports with friends and family. The team prescribed gin with 23% ABV (the ode of his jersey number). It’s half the calories, but it tastes the same great as the classic dry gin original.

In addition, SevenZeroEight RESERVE Gin is made by aging award-winning classic dry gin in Margaret River’s carefully selected Shiraz barrels for over 100 days. This process allows the gin to inherit the characteristics of Shiraz and the barrel itself, resulting in a smooth, silky pale amber gin with a deep tannin and oak flavor.

SevenZeroEight Gin has won several global awards, including a consumer-judged gold medal at the International 2020 SIP Awards. Classic Dry Gin won a silver medal at the 2020 World Gin Awards and the 2020 London Spirits Competition, and a gold medal at the 2019 Australian Gin Awards. SevenZeroEight 23% LIGHT has also won the 2020 Platinum Best of Class Award and the Innovation Award at the 2020 SIP Awards.

Check out Shane Warne’s Seven Zero Eight Gin collection and recipes online Or on Instagram @ 708gin.

Shane Warne’s Seven Zero Eight Jin gets a new victory

Source link Shane Warne’s Seven Zero Eight Jin gets a new victory

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