Senator Pauline Hanson criticizes Anastasia Parasek’s Olympic decision

Controversial Senator Pauline Hanson has criticized Queensland’s Prime Minister Anastasia Parashek for appointing herself as Minister of the Olympics prior to the 2032 Brisbane convention.

Ms. Paraschuk will lead a team of ministers hosting the event following her oath at the ceremony on Thursday.

She first announced a cabinet change on Twitter. This includes Deputy Prime Minister Steven Miles, who is now the minister supporting the Prime Minister of Olympic Infrastructure.

“Hosting the game in 2032 will generate $ 8 billion in economic and social benefits in addition to hiring 91,600 people,” she said Thursday.

On Friday, Senator Hanson accused the Labor Party’s prime minister of appointment and called it a “joke.”

She said Ms. Paraschuk should instead focus on reopening the Queensland border to residents stuck on the interstate.

“What a trash it is. She wants to be the minister who opens the Queensland border,” she told Sky News Chris Kenny.

“To allow 3000 Queenslanders who can’t return to their state or other people to see their loved ones and family, and that’s what she actually concentrates on, including me. I hope that. “

Camera iconOne country’s senator Pauline Hanson said the Queensland Prime Minister should focus on reopening the border. NCA NewsWire / Peter Lorimer. credit: News Corp Australia

Queensland Olympic and Paralympic athletes were celebrated on Friday in a parade of hundreds of people in Brisbane for their achievements at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

The Brisbane event will be the third competition in Australia, following Melbourne in 1956 and Sydney in 2000.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said securing the tournament was a “national coup” and agreed that the federal government would bear half of the infrastructure costs.

Ms. Parasheck flew to Tokyo in July to make a final bid before Brisbane secured the tournament.

Camera iconA welcome home celebration for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympians was held on Friday at King George Square in Brisbane.Richard walker credit: News Corp Australia

Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Adrian Schliner, Federal Sports Minister Richard Colbeck, and Australian Olympic Committee President John Coates visited Japan with her.

An online petition with over 130,000 signatures required Ms. Parasek to refuse travel permits while the Australians were stuck abroad.

On Friday, Senator Hanson criticized Ms. Paraschuk’s decision to keep the Queensland border away from the Covid-19 high-volume state, accusing her of being “unfriendly and uncomfortable.”

Senator Hanson faced her own criticism during the coronavirus pandemic. Health experts have blamed her false claim about the vaccine and the strange claim that it is a person’s right to catch and die of Covid-19.

Senator Pauline Hanson criticizes Anastasia Parasek’s Olympic decision

Source link Senator Pauline Hanson criticizes Anastasia Parasek’s Olympic decision

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