Seeking a longer teen sexual assault decision

The prosecution is seeking a longer sentence for a man who sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl he met on a teenage dating app.

Alan Spottiswoode was repeatedly imprisoned in March 2019 for up to four years in his actions with the girl.

However, a Victorian prosecutor appeared in the Court of Appeals, arguing that the ruling he had to serve for at least two years was inadequate.

Spottiswood has pleaded guilty to three charges: sexual insertion of a child under the age of 16, sexual assault of a child under the age of 16, and the use of a girl to create child abuse material.

He also admitted that he later possessed more than 1800 images and 122 videos that police found on his computer.

Spottiswood first met a girl on MyLOL, a teen dating app. He told her she was 24 and she said she was 14 and not interested.

They later connected to Snapchat and told her he was 19 years old. The girl agreed to meet him and he took her to another place where she had sex.

They met several times in the next two weeks until police found the pair in the car in late March and intervened to arrest Spottiswood.

The girl said she felt that people blamed her for what had happened.

“The critical look on people’s faces broke my heart,” she said.

“I didn’t understand the dangers associated with social media and real-world predators, so for a long time I felt it was my fault.”

Prosecutor Brendan Kissane QC said Spottiswoode’s crimes were predatory and, when released from prison, the risk of recidivism turned out to be moderate to high.

The appellate judge said the ruling passed to Spottiswood could be considered “very generous,” but he lost his career and was more difficult to imprison than many others for a variety of reasons. Said it would be.

Even with these things in mind, Kissane said the ruling passed to Spottiswood by Judge Liz Gaynor of the county court was below the permissible range for his type of breach.

Spottiswood’s barrister, Dermot Dann, said Judge Gaynor admitted that his actions were predatory, manipulative, degrading, and all that made his discomfort serious.

He said Spottiswood had received more than 25 counseling sessions since the problem.

The judge will inform you of their decision at a later date.

Seeking a longer teen sexual assault decision

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