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“Secret Devotion”: New Show Reveals Andy Warhol’s Catholic Roots | Andy Warhol

He is renowned for Marilyn Monroe and Campbell soup prints, legendary parties, proud quianeness and celebrity worship.

However Andy Warhol Raised by a devout Catholic mother he prayed daily for 20 years when they shared a New York home. The wild prince of pop art went to church, met the Pope, funded his nephew’s research and became a priest.

“Warhol showed off and obscured his religion and sexuality,” he said. Andy Warhol: RevelationWill open at the Brooklyn Museum next month. The exhibition, which focuses on Warhol’s belief in art, “provides an opportunity to unravel a bitter and highly human contradiction that served as one of the driving forces of his work of art.”

Born into a working-class immigrant family, Warhol attended the St. John Chrysostom Byzantine Catholic Church in Pittsburgh as a child. “He frequently went to four long services over the weekend and spent a lot of time staring at religious icons. They had hundreds of images of Marilyn Monroe, dozens of Jackie O, American culture. Was a pioneer of celebrity icons, “Hermo said.

of New YorkWarhol quickly became a cult figure in the explosive pop art scene, enthusiastically recording his own life through audio, photography and video decades before social media was invented.

“By 1968, he was Warhol, which many people know and love today, the center of the incredible scene of rock and roll, substance abuse incompatibility, and into the socialization of the art world. We have an “everyone is welcome” approach. “Elmo said.

The anchor of his life was his mother, Julia – who was also an artist and enthusiastically religious and influential – he had a wild party at the factory, a silver-painted studio. I came back after. A painting of her angel is included in the exhibition.

In 1968, Warhol had a near-death experience when he was shot by Valerie Solanas in the studio. “For the rest of his life, he was physically, in pain, and wore a medical corset every day, but was also mentally influenced by many explanations,” Hermo said. rice field. The artist increased visits to the church, provided food to the homeless, and met Pope John Paul II in 1980.

In a compliment after Warhol’s death in 1987, art historian John Richardson stated that his spiritual side was the key to his spirit. “This secret pious knowledge inevitably changes our perception of the artist who tricked the world into believing that his only attachment was money, fame and charm,” he says. I did.

On display is the mural of Leonardo da Vinci, a sketchbook of the 1950s opened with a sensual line drawing of a man’s foot surrounded by sacred heart offerings, the figure of Jesus that Warhol painted as a child. Includes numerous works in his series based on The Last Supper. The print was adorned in Warhol’s childhood home. His epic 1966 movie, Chelsea Girls, has repeated confession motifs and is screened twice a day.

The relationship between Warhol and his faith was inevitably complicated by his sexuality, Elmo said. “There is a picture that brings the shape of a bodybuilder to Christ’s beloved arm. You see two opposing forces alone. Sometimes it was very obvious and sometimes it was very figurative.”

The title of the show, first curated by Jose Carlos Diaz at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh before the pandemic, “tell everything,” Elmo said. “It’s a revelation. It’s an unfamiliar aspect of Warhol. There are many themes that the public has come to love about Warhol. The rise of celebrity culture, the repetition of consumerist icons, the series of deaths and disasters. But this shows the thread between all these works: his art through the lens Catholic.. “

“Secret Devotion”: New Show Reveals Andy Warhol’s Catholic Roots | Andy Warhol

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