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Search for William Tyrrell: Police are “satisfied” with the discovery as new investigations continue

The importance of the items found during the search for William Tyrrell became apparent, and investigators are “very happy” with the discovery.

Authorities have revealed what the potential evidence found in William Tyrrell’s new investigation could lead to.

New South Wales Police Deputy Secretary Steuart Smith spoke with 2GB Ben Fordham on Friday morning, saying evidence found to be related to the boy’s disappearance could be used for prosecution.

He said the current line of investigation under investigation was not “previously investigated.”

“The team is looking for evidence in the search area to support a series of investigations that the investigators have never investigated before …” he said.

“We are there to find evidence. If we find evidence supporting the prosecution of a person for a crime that can be prosecuted for William’s disappearance, that prosecution will be pursued.

“Everything you find in that scene will be cataloged.”

Authorities today revealed that they are “very happy” with what they have found so far in a new investigation into the case of the missing boy William Tyrrell.

Detective Darren Bennett, Chief of State Crimes Command of the New South Wales Police Department, briefly describes an investigation conducted by a Strikeforce Rozan investigator in Kendal on the north-central New South Wales coast on Friday morning. Provided the latest information.

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The new search activity focuses on the Benaloon Drive home, where William last saw seven years ago, and the shrublands about a kilometer away.

So far, investigators have found at least 15 objects of interest, including pieces of cloth and parts of Hessian bags. These were put in bags and sent for inspection.

Bennett said all items that appear to be relevant to the investigation will be legally investigated.

“We are very happy to get rid of people and prove what happened to William Tyrrell,” he told reporters Friday morning.

“The message from the research team is that what they have found so far is sufficient to continue.”

Rainy weather has hindered search operations this week, and Bennett said investigators “couldn’t choose a worse time” regarding the weather to be searched.

He revealed that the investigation may need to be extended “far beyond” the initial time frame set by police.

Police initially expected the search to last up to three weeks, but Bennett said it could now double.

This update came after hundreds of officers, RFS personnel, and experts landed in the town of Kendal last week as part of a new search for the incident.

William, three, was playing at his caregiver’s grandmother’s house at Dr. Benaloon in Kendal when he disappeared on September 14, 2014.

His disappearance triggered a large police investigation, and one of the main theories investigated over the years was the possibility of kidnapping.

Now, more than seven years after he disappeared, investigators turned his attention to where he was last seen.

Bennett said last week that the decision behind the massive search revival was “according to the evidence obtained during the investigation” and “never speculation.”

The search is now on its 11th day, and investigators have so far focused on Benarun Drive’s home and the shrublands along Butter Creek Road, less than 1 km from the home.

Officers are meticulously sifting the soil in search of possible things related to William.

Police confirmed last week that police were “no doubt” looking for William’s body.

15 tons or more of soil I was taken from my house and nearby Bushland to undergo a forensic examination.

No evidence of DNA found in new search

So far, investigators have found at least 15 objects of interest, including a piece of cloth that was put in a bag and sent out for inspection, or part of a Hessian bag.

Officers were found comparing some of the discoveries Sample of red and blue spider-man suit – The same clothes that William wore when he disappeared.

Forensic officers work 24 hours a day at Lidcombe to establish a link between the object and the missing boy.

But on Wednesday, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Karen Webb revealed so far. No DNA link was established between the material and the missing boy..

“There will be miles of material and many exhibits and investigations, which will take time,” she told 2GB.

Yesterday, police divers began scrutinizing a dam downstream of a stream on Butter Creek Road, where police officers are investigating part of the search.

The diver arrived at the scene on Wednesday afternoon and used a professional camera to search for the two water tanks in the facility where William was last seen.

After that, they moved to a second search location along Butter Creek Road. There, officers and RFS personnel dug up the ground above the riverbed with an excavator and combed the soil by hand under the guidance of a hydrologist.

Divers searched for a dam about the same size as a tennis court on private land about 500 meters from the excavation site.

Despite the lack of DNA evidence, Webb told 2GB that he was confident that police would reveal what had happened to William.

“There is no non-rotating stone (left),” she said.

“It’s been seven years now. It’s been a long time, but we’re not going to give up.”

New search site revealed

One of the sites police are digging into in a new search was revealed as a riding school for the disabled that William’s foster parents drove in the morning when the boy disappeared.

Six days after William disappeared on September 12, 2014, his foster parents followed her path with police officers.

The footage shows a foster parent taking a police officer. A “walkthrough” of what happened on the day William disappeared..

The foster parent told police that he wasn’t nearby by driving down Butter Creek Road in search of William and stopping at a riding school to overtake the car.

“I arrived at the riding school, and I just think’he’s not here,'” she told the police.

“Then I put the car back, and I just run and look for him again.”

A new search this week found that at least one of the three police excavations was at the location of the riding school at the time of William’s disappearance.

The organization, which provides disabled people with the opportunity to ride horses, moved in 2016, two years after William disappeared from the caregiver’s grandmother’s home.

William’s foster parents have recently emerged as interested in disappearance. She had previously declared that her family had “nothing to hide,” and even police and secret surveillance targets were thoroughly investigated, after which she was cleared as a suspect in the investigation.

Being an interested person does not necessarily imply that William’s adoptive mother is a suspect.

Foster parents have not been arrested or charged in connection with William’s disappearance.

Initially published as follows As William Tyrrell’s search continues, you’ll discover the importance of cloth

Search for William Tyrrell: Police are “satisfied” with the discovery as new investigations continue

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