Search for Cleo Smith: A poster of a missing girl across the WA

As Cleo Smith’s desperate search continues, posters for missing children are widely spread throughout Washington as law enforcement agencies try to help the general public find answers to her tragic disappearance. I am.

In Port Hedland, 850 km north of Cleo’s last known location, posters and stickers are affixed to almost every business window in the town’s major shopping and tourist districts.

Mudmee Vigar, a member of the prominent Porthead community, handed out stickers to businesses and shoppers at the Southheadland Shopping Center on Thursday.

Those heading north via a blocked road must pass through Port Hedland. The only other option is to make a 800km detour inland via Marble Bar on a partially unblocked road.

Camera iconA photo of Cleo Smith in the city. credit: Ross Swan Borrow/Western Australian

A photo of Cleo in the center of Perth CBD was blown up at a 45-meter-high digital tower in Yagan Square.

The giant circular screen seen by thousands of pedestrians and drivers every day also displayed images of her missing sleeping bag and the last pink one-piece sleeping bag she saw.

There were also posters around the 13-story High-rise Australia Place on William Street.

Exmouth and Karasa companies also put posters of Cleo’s missing people in the shop windows around the town.

Geraldton's Cleo Smith poster.
Camera iconGeraldton’s Cleo Smith poster. credit: Cate Campbell/Western Australian
There is no Cleo poster in Kalgoorlie.
Camera iconThere is no Cleo poster in Kalgoorlie. credit: Tegan Guthrie/Kalgoorlie Miner

About 640 km from the last known location at the age of four, a Karasa retailer had a sign calling for someone with information to contact the police at 131444.

In the town center of Exmouth and in local supermarkets, posters featured QR codes that, when scanned, led people to the Facebook group “Bring Cleo Smith Home,” which has more than 55,500 members.

The sign also encouraged people to use the hashtag #BringCleoSmithHome on social media.

State-wide cars and trucks are also pasting images of missing children on cars after several WA-based printing companies have donated thousands of stickers to raise awareness and aid in searches. increase.

Search for Cleo Smith: A poster of a missing girl across the WA

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