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Scott Morrison responds to criticisms over Gladys Beresikrian

Scott Morrison claims he is doing everything he can to get more women into the Liberal ranks, despite his unsuccessful attempt to defeat Gladys Beregkrian.

Berejiklian announced last month that he would not seek pre-selection of Waringa’s federal seats, despite strong encouragement from the Prime Minister.

Morrison quickly pushed Beresikrian to the top of the candidate list, but his public campaign also raised serious issues given the ongoing IACC investigation into the former NSW Premier.

Camera iconScott Morrison responded to the criticisms he faced regarding the failure to install the Gladys Beresicrian NCA NewsWire / Christian Gilles. credit: News Corp Australia

Ms. Berejiklian has denied cheating, and IACC has not yet reported the findings.

In an interview with nine newspapers, the Prime Minister looked back on the criticisms he faced.

“People can’t have it both ways,” Morrison said.

“They can’t say, why don’t you put more women in Congress, and when I try to put women in Congress, when that doesn’t happen, they attack me.

“Well, I’m going, I’m going many times.”

Camera iconGladys Berejiklian says he looks forward to new opportunities outside of public life after resigning from the NSW Premier. NCA Newswire / Gaye Gerard credit: News Corp Australia

In November, Morrison described the independent observer as a “kangaroo court.”

“What was done to Gladys Beregkrian was an absolute shame. I do not intend to allow a process to publicly humiliate issues unrelated to the previous issue of such a committee. Abused And (and) power is trying to diminish the integrity of people like Gladys Beregkrian, “he told Congress at the time.

When asked about the direction of the attack, the Prime Minister said he would always “speak frankly” on such issues.

“Well, I’m going to call for it when people’s private lives are paraded in the media rather than trying to pursue (these issues) through the right process,” Morrison told Nine.

Scott Morrison responds to criticisms over Gladys Beresikrian

Source link Scott Morrison responds to criticisms over Gladys Beresikrian

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